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Selby has photo exhibition at blues festival

Easton Selby, assistant professor of visual arts at CCU, will present “A Photographic Essay on the Geography of the Delta Blues,” an ongoing collaborative documentary between Shelby, photographer Armon Means from Kansas State University, photographer Josh Vincent from Mississippi State University, and historian John Strait from Sam Houston State University.

The four will display their work on Saturday, Oct. 9 at the “Geography of the Blues” event at the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival in Helena, Ark.

The photography display will focus on aspects of blues culture that is often overlooked and misunderstood; the people and places that have inspired the music. The group has focused on the idea of place within the blues culture by photographing and interviewing local people, visiting musician’s homes, traveling to the places where the musicians worked, and staying in the places where they spent their lives.

“The project stemmed from a conversation between myself and Dr. Strait about his article titled, ‘Geographical Study of American Blues and Culture,” and how photography has played an integral role in the documentation of the musicians but very rarely the places and the people that have inspired the music,” says Easton.

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