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DPS urges property registration

The Coastal Carolina University Department of Public Safety introduces a new service for all students, faculty and staff.

* Do you have valuable personal property that you would like to register with the Department of Public Safety?

* Why should you register your property?

If you lose your valuables or if they are stolen, you have a better chance of recovering them if they are registered. The police and/or insurance company will need the make, model and serial number information in order to retrieve the stolen items. This information can be conveniently registered online with the Department of Public Safety.

Some examples of items to register include cell phones, laptop computers, televisions, game consoles, iPads, iPods or other MP3 players.

Goo to , then choose “Property Registration” in the left-hand column and register your items today!

If your property is stolen from campus, report the theft immediately to the Department of Public Safety.

Non-Emergency: 843-349-2177
Emergency: 843-349-2911