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Computer Science professor receives research grant

Computer science professor William Jones was awarded a subcontract from Clemson University's Cyberinstitute under a grant from the Department of Energy concerning high-performance computing as part of a collaboration between Coastal Carolina University and Clemson University.

 “As the size of supercomputing clusters continues to grow to include hundreds of thousands of processor cores and millions of individual components, failures within the system become increasingly the norm rather than the exception," says Jones. "As a result, ensuring continued service in the presence of such numerous faults will be an absolute requirement for future supercomputers. “I'm very excited about involving CCU students in this research and bringing what we learned in the process back to the students in our department.”

Working with and assisting Jones will be Brian Atkinson, a computer science sophomore, who has received a research internship to assist in the design and implementation of new features for a parallel file system that is currently in use at supercomputing facilities around the world.

Over the next 15 months, Atkinson will spend his summers at a Clemson University computer research facility and the fall and spring semesters working at CCU while being a full-time student.

The position is funded by a subcontract Jones received from the Clemson University Cyberinstitute under a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.