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Slammin’ Salmons win Faculty/Staff Softball League title

by Bell

The Slammin’ Salmons took home the first championship trophy for the new CCU Faculty/Staff Softball League after winning the final playoff game against the Ball Breakers on June 21. The trophy is on display now in the office of Channing Vidal, captain of the Salmons and CCU’s coordinator of student conduct.

“Playing in the Fac/Staff Softball league was an absolute blast,” said Vidal. “It allowed for so many people in various departments to come together with colleagues, friends and families to enjoy each others’ company.”

This describes the general purpose of the league perfectly, according to Lamonica Yates, league organizer and director of employee services in the Office of Human Resources.

“The goal was to give faculty and staff and their families the opportunity to have fun and be active after work while getting to know employees from different areas of campus,” said Yates, who was also a player on the Salmons team. “Our hope was for this co-ed league to have a positive influence through the enhancement of workplace relationships."

A total of 75 employees and family members played in the league. The season lasted six weeks, and games were played on the CCU intramural fields every Monday and Thursday evenings. In addition to the Salmons and the Ball Breakers, the other teams were Tastes Like Chicken and Awesome Sauce.

“I wanted to play so that I could meet other employees and faculty,” said Anthony Audino, captain of the Ball Breakers and a lecturer in the Department of Biology. “For me, it was just what I planned on. I got to meet quite a few people and hopefully made a few new friends…. I really had no interest in winning or losing as long as we had fun, which I’m happy to say was accomplished. Although I was the ‘captain’ of the team, it was really a group effort all the way around, and I would definitely play again next year, if there is a league and if my body holds up!”

“I know for us, winning the championship was a great experience and solidified our commitment to be at practices and games,” said Vidal. “However, the most important thing was playing and interacting with other teams and getting to know those players with whom we didn’t have previously established connections. If you ask me, the league helped to boost morale and did more than just allow us to place faces to names—it helped us bond over our successes and our bloopers!”

At a hot dog cookout after the championship game, Human Resources Executive Director Pat West and Head Football Coach Joe Moglia presented trophies. During the season, Jake Rosiek in the Campus Recreation office posted all the league information on the IM Leagues website, which allowed players to check game times and dates, match-ups, team rosters and season standings.

According to Yates, other faculty/staff recreational events are being planned, including a Fall Bowling League beginning in late August.

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