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Are you starting to Feel the Teal?

By CCU President David A. DeCenzo

As we move into spring, I am proud to announce that almost 900 employees have participated in the CCU Service Basics training workshop. The CCU Service Basics stresses a heightened awareness about the level of service we offer any individual in any service interaction representing Coastal Carolina University. I would like to thank each of you who has attended the training and has implemented what is being taught and encouraged. 

People are using the five foot-ten foot rule, employees are making sure they have a nametag on before walking across campus and just yesterday I witnessed a positive moment of truth as one of our staff members stopped in her tracks and picked up a piece of trash outside Singleton. These are just a few simple service excellence examples of what I am seeing happen more consistently across our campus. We may have been doing these things before, but with the heightened service awareness, I think we are all approaching these opportunities with a new perspective and commitment. 

I asked Eileen Soisson, director of Service Excellence, to share what she has seen since the start of the training in January. “Employees have positively responded to the CCU Service Basics and are excited to know that all employees will eventually go through this training. People are much more aware of Feel the Teal now than when we started the first training in September with Campus Recreation. It is exciting to see Feel the Teal start to have meaning universitywide." 

As we look ahead to summer, we will grow the program by offering CCU Service Basics to all new employees through the new employee orientation by Fall 2013. The Service Champions Committee and Student Success Committee are to begin meeting mid-summer. A Quality Assurance Program is being developed as well as a customer service-driven recognition program. 

Do you Feel the Teal?

We have the opportunity to be at the forefront of service-driven universities, and I am excited to see where this initiative and priority will take us as an institution. Thank you for all you to do to strengthen our service commitment here at Coastal Carolina University!

David A. DeCenzo, President

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