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Professor Keller has solo exhibition at Artspace506

"The Essence of Forms/ Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture," a solo exhibition of works by Elizabeth Keller, is going on at Artspace 506 iin North Myrtle Beach through Nov. 15.

Keller is a professor of art at Coastal Carolina University where she teaches ceramics and three-dimensional design and directs the Ceramics Studio.

With decades of experience in the ceramic studio, Keller has developed precise and unique working methods producing vessels and sculptures that amaze and inspire. The works exhibited explore the range of the artist’s practice and include narrative related sculptures and teapots/sculptural composite forms that explore and expand on the Chinese tradition of the tea ceremony and Penjing, a more ancient variant of Bonsai. Keller has a background in Christian theology and Judaism, and has done extensive research into Eastern spiritual beliefs arising in China and Japan. Ideas generated from these studies have found their way into her works imbuing each creation with deep meaning.

In her recent work, the artist exhibits a keen interest in Chinese ceramics, particularly Yixing teapots and traditional forms used in the tea ceremony such as tea bowls, water containers, trays and flower vases. She has returned to the concept of the tea ceremony again and again in works that combine natural forms, meaningful narrative, exquisite composition and technical virtuosity.

In 2004, she studied with Ah Leon, the well known Taiwanese artist, at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Ah Leon, whose interest in the Chinese Yixing teapots is shared by Keller, is also a bonsai master. This experience confirmed Keller’s newly found interest in the art of bonsai, which she continues to practice caring for nearly 80 of the specimens at her home. She has created unique pots for each of them. 

She has studied Christian Theology and Jewish Studies from various institutions including Fuller Theological Seminary and the University of Judaism. She received an MFA in ceramics from Clemson University. Her award-winning work has been featured in solo exhibitions and numerous regional and national juried exhibitions. She has had work published in Ceramics Monthly, and in three recent books: 500 Animals in Clay; 500 Teapots, volume 2; and Teapots: Makers and Collectors. She resides in Conway,  where she has a studio.

Artspace 506 is located at 506 37th Avenue South, North Myrtle Beach. The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information call the gallery at 843-273-0399 or visit the website:


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