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A special thanks to Feel the Teal Leadership Team

In August 2012, I announced a new priority at Coastal Carolina University – customer service and what it means within higher education, specifically at CCU, and I put together a designated group of dedicated University leaders to help move this initiative forward. For the last four years, members of this group have given their time to advance and enhance service excellence and student success at Coastal Carolina University.

This initiative began with the simple concept: “If we treat people well and provide them a quality academic experience, they will stay.” This leadership team has moved that simple concept into a way of life at CCU. I have seen service improvements over the last four years that have contributed to a better university experience, and we must continue to move in a direction of progress.

As we move into a new phase of Feel the Teal®, there will be a new group of leaders established based on the goals set by the leadership team at our retreat in August 2016. I will be selecting people to serve on this committee in alignment with four goals that are focused on employee recognition, collaboration with CeTEAL, student training programs, and working with other institutions to promote service excellence within higher education.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member on the Feel the Teal® Leadership Team for accepting the challenge to create and sustain a stronger sense of institutional community and culture among Coastal Carolina University’s faculty, staff, students, alumni and stakeholders. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish over these past four years and optimistically anticipate what is yet to come.

Sandy Baldridge-Adrian, John Beard, April Betsch, David Betsch, Stacie Bowie, Jean Ann Brakefield, Brian Bunton, J. Ralph Byington, Jennie Cassidy, Lori Church, Sallie Clarkson, Whitney Comer, Debbie Conner, Julianne Cooke, Amanda Craddock, Katherine Daley, Jody Davis, Nick DeStefano, Daniel Ennis, Mark Garrison, Lindsi Glass, Abdallah Haddad, Steve Harrison, Matt Hogue, Dean Hudson, Martha Hunn, Edward Jadallah, Michael Latta, BJ Landrum, Daniel Lawless, Jim Luken, Susannah Marshman, Tim Meacham, Porter Medley, Christine Mee, Mark Mitchell, John Mortimer, Rein Mungo, Travis Overton, Bill Plate, Nelljean Rice, Barbara Ritter, Mark Roach, Michael Roberts, David Roper, Caesar Ross III, Shawn Sease, Kim Sherfessee, Patricia Singleton-Young, Eileen Soisson, Jeffrey Stone, Wendy Watts, Stovall Witte, Tom Woodle and Lamonica Yates.


David A. DeCenzo, Ph.D.

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