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Updates on campus construction

Chanticleer Drive

The cul-de-sac gates in front of the Wall Building on Chanticleer Drive are now in place. They feature two brick pillars with lights at each location, along with iron gates and the University seal on all four gates. The gates are equipped with electronic controllers so that they can be opened remotely by Public Safety at any time. 

Singleton Building

This major renovation project is in its final stages. The construction fence has been removed so that new ramps at the front of the building can be connected to the existing sidewalks. Some of the final painting and staining is now taking place, along with the slate installation on the front entrance. A landscaping contractor is working to upgrade the areas on the side and front of the building. Staff should begin to move back into the building before the fall semester ends.

New academic building

Construction is underway on a new 53,000-square-foot building that will provide classrooms, faculty and staff offices. The new home for the information technology services department will be completed in 2017.