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Feel the Teal: Student Series Update

Student workers at Coastal Carolina University are crucial to the success of the departments and colleges across campus. Student workers represent our University and brand.

With this in mind, we made our Feel the Teal Service Excellence training modules available to all student employees. Service Excellence Coordinator Nick DeStefano began this process in Fall 2016, and I would like to provide an update on this initiative’s progress.

It is important that student employees receive training on the service basics they need in order to perform their initial service roles as representatives of CCU. Many student workers’ jobs require direct and immediate contact with our customers, so the students need to know and use the basic principles of service excellence. This intentional focus on service basics is the reason you see a larger number of students completing these training sessions.

Service Basics, 326 students

Attitude of Service, 220 students

Civility and Respect on Campus, 224 students

Coastal History and Traditions, 257 students

Assisting with Difficult Situations, 230 students

Personal Accountability, 182 students

As you can see from the numbers above, we are certainly making great progress. DeStefano explained that many students completed their training as part of a departmental training, meaning a supervisor set a specific time for the team to complete training as a unit. This is highly encouraged for departments that have a staff of more than 10 student workers.

In order for our Feel the Teal student series to be successful, it needs the support of our entire campus. If you work with or supervise student employees, we ask that you help them grow professionally. Encourage them to attend the training or schedule a training for your entire department. Take it a step further and have a conversation with your students about what they learned and how they will apply it in the workplace.

If you don’t supervise students, you can still help. Have a conversation with students about the service they receive on campus and their expectations. Talk with student employees about the service they provided and thank them for helping others feel the teal.

I want to thank the supervisors and employees who have supported the growth of our student employees through Feel the Teal. It is all of our jobs to educate our students on service excellence and our expectations. I appreciate all of you joining me and our student employees as we continue down this road to success at CCU.

David A. DeCenzo, Ph.D.


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