Art History B.A. - Coastal Carolina University
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Art History

Bachelor of Arts

The discipline of art history fosters fundamental research skills, effective writing, and the ability to critically evaluate diverse imagery and ideas.

What You'll Study

Beginning with foundational art and art history classes, the art history program provides its students with in-depth explorations into the visual and material cultures of past and present civilizations. The program promotes visual literacy expressed through research, vibrant discussions, and critical writing. Further, the global approach to the degree and the interdisciplinary nature of art history will prepare graduates for a variety of culturally rich career paths or graduate school.

Sample Four Year Plan

Experiences Beyond the Classroom

Art History majors are well suited to be more than art historians by trade, especially in the thriving and growing creative class economy. Given the plethora of images in today’s society, understanding the history of visual culture is more pertinent today than ever before. The unique skill sets of students of the program prepare graduates to work in museums and galleries, to become art directors and event planners, or claims adjusters and appraisers, art investors, or even work with the FBI in its art crimes division.