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Foundations offers students hands-on experience in studio art and digital image making, preparing them for their studies in Art History, Art Studio and Graphic Design.

As visual artists, historians, and educators we are dedicated to building a diverse and productive atmosphere that respects a culture of intellectual transformation through the education about and practice of visual communication.

The foundation of art and design provides a solid infrastructure for success in the visual arts. Students of our program will be immersed in a series of creative, and rigorous, courses that promote technical skills and generate conceptual ideas. The Foundations Program is the creative core for the Art History, Art Studio, and Graphic Design degrees.



Drawing is taught in two classrooms: one dedicated to lower level drawing classes and one shared with painting and used for life drawing classes. In both spaces, there are easels and flat files for storage. There is a rolling projector cart available for multimedia presentations.

Three-dimensional design has a dedicated space equipped with heavy duty wood-working equipment such as a table saw, a radial arm saw, a band saw, a drill press, a belt sander, and a dust collection system, as well as seating and work area for 20, a double sink and adequate shelving and storage.


Art Foundations Courses

ARTS 103 Fundamentals of Art I

ARTS 104 Fundamentals of Art II

ARTS 105 Introduction to Digital Image Making

ARTS 111 Drawing I

ARTS 112 Drawing II



Steven Bleicher, Professor of Art, Foundations

Charles Clary, Foundations Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Art

Cat Taylor, Lecturer of Art, Foundations


Teaching Assistants

Chris Bilton

Claudia Dominguez

Tracy Fish

John Schiro