Mentoring Courses - Coastal Carolina University
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CCU courses that encourage mentoring

COMM 345: Communication Activism

COMM 350: Interpersonal Communication Foundation

EDPE 410: Elementary School PE Pedagogy

EDSP 200: Foundations of Special Education

EDUC 111: Exploring Teaching as a Profession

EDUC 215: Schools and Diversity

EDUC 334: Adolescent Growth and Development

EDUC 336: Introduction to Human Growth and Development

HONR 325: Service Learning

HRTM 474: Quality Process Management

PSYC 101: General Psychology

PSYC 428: School Psychology and Exceptional Children

PSYC 490: Mentoring Internship

PUBH 201: Philosophies and Principles of Health Information

SOCI 350: Juvenile Delinquency

SOCI 399: Internship in Sociology