Jeremy Samatas - Coastal Carolina University
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Jeremy Samatas Q&A 

Where are you from? Glen Ellyn, Illinois

What was your major? Management

Why did you choose Coastal? I had an opportunity to play baseball at the University and was very impressed with the campus and Southern charm.

What was your favorite memory of Coastal and why?  My best memory was playing on the Coastal baseball team. The team was in the infancy stage of developing the reputation it has today.

What was your favorite spot on campus and why? The famous bridge that splits the main campus will always be a great memory.

Who was/were your favorite professor(s) and why? Dr. Katsioulus (sic). He was always looking at business concepts from a real-world perspective and made sure they were relevant to our potential experiences beyond Coastal.

How did Coastal prepare you for your current career? Most of my career has been in management and leadership roles, and many of the professors taught ethics and the skills needed to become successful in these types of roles.

What is your current career? I am currently in residential development in the Chicagoland and greater Midwest. Much of my career has been in service and hospitality-focused roles.

Fun fact about yourself: My family is part Albanian, and many years ago, I was able to Albania with grandpa before he passed away.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to be dedicating more of my time giving back to so many people who helped me get ahead.