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Build Your Business Portfolio 

In 2012, the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration instituted the Building Your Business Portfolio program. The goal of the program is for students to gain a heightened understanding of the majors and subsequent career options in business and to become more marketable post-graduation through acquiring additional business credentials, skills, knowledge and practical experiences. The program is also designed to give students the opportunity to become more connected and engaged both on and off campus, to expand their professional network and to gain an overall more fulfilling university experience.

Successful completion of at least 12 Professional Development Activities (PDAs) within the Building Your Business Portfolio program is a requirement for graduation within the Wall College of Business. Our program offers teal-level activities to meet the credit requirements that are designed to help students transition into the world of work. For students who want to go a step further, we encourage a stronger commitment to excellence by offering bronze-level activities. These activities offer opportunities that will allow students to step further into the professional realm and clearly stand out during interviews.  


Send general questions regarding PDAs to For specific questions or concerns, contact Ellen Hayward, Director of Wall Center Student Programs, at or 843-349-2679, or Melinda Tavernier, Wall Center Specialist, at or 843-349-2111.