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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program develops the analytical, practical and interpersonal skills managers need to make crucial decisions in an increasingly complex business environment. Our program is an advanced professional degree designed to prepare students for a versatile and challenging management career.

The Student Experience

"Students should consider the CCU MBA because the Wall College is AACSB-accredited, and the professors provide an exceptional learning experience which can be applied to the real world."

-Stacie Bowie '08
Vice President/CFO, Coastal Carolina University

"I liked the classroom sizes and the flexibility of the program. As a nontraditional student, I worked on my MBA part time and took a couple of semesters off as my workload increased. The Wall College worked with me and made sure I was in a position to complete my degree."

-Brandon Cogdell '11
U.S. Government

“My non-profit organization, OBTS, is a Society of PhDs in the field of organizational behavior and across other various management disciplines. My MBA from Coastal gave me the educational background and level of educational achievement needed to oversee operations and execute initiatives from within this 40 year-old society."

-Brandon Taylor Charpied '10
Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (OBTS)

“The one-on-one learning opportunities and the classroom discussions were the key to my success in the program. I learned so much during group work and discussions, and I loved learning in an atmosphere that was open to discussions. I also enjoyed being in classes with students who strived to meet the same career goals as I did.”

-Brittany Hite '12
Under Armour

It would be a struggle to earn an MBA at other schools for the same cost, but you benefit just as much.”

-Danielle DeSonia '10
Cherry Bekaert LLP

“CCU's MBA program is a great program.  If students are looking for a program that will help them better themselves and prepare them for life in the business world then CCU is the program for them.”

-Stephanie Burgess '08
Santee Cooper
Beyond the Classroom

Today, organizations throughout the world face unprecedented levels of complex operational challenges. Expanding global economies, rapidly changing technologies and increasing concern for ethical business conduct are critical issues to which private, public and nonprofit organizations must respond. Effective handling of complex issues requires managers who are both broadly experienced and visionary.


MBA 600 Project Management (2 units)
MBA 601 Managing Quality and Technology (2 units)
MBA 610 Leading People (2 units)
MBA 611 Leading Organizations (2 units)
MBA 620 Financial Management (2 units)
MBA 621 Value Management (2 units)
MBA 630 Service Marketing (2 units)
MBA 631 Marketing Strategy (2 units)
MBA 640 Creativity and Innovation (2 units)
MBA 650 Management Responsibility and the Law (2 units)
MBA 655 Sustainability and Social Responsibility (2 units)
MBA 690 Strategic Implementation (2 units)
MBA 699 Graduate Business Skills Portfolio (2 units)
MBA xxx Elective(s) (4 units)


This program is also designed on an interactive model to facilitate strong relationships between students and faculty. Individualized attention from faculty, who bring industry and consulting experience to their classrooms, provides a personalized approach to management education. Our faculty, whose primary commitment is to teaching, work closely with students to enhance the depth, breadth and flexibility of the MBA program. In addition, they also understand the changing needs of business and provide their students with experience and curriculum that reflect these changing needs.


Mark Mitchell, D.B.A.
Associate Dean/Professor of Marketing
Wall 213A

Heather Read, MBA
Graduate Program Manager 
Wall 213C

Staci Willette
Administrative Specialist
Wall 213D

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