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Professional Golf Management

The PGA Golf Management program prepares students for successful careers in the golf industry by combining academic studies and professional golf-training experiences at the Hackler Golf Course.

CCU is home to one of only 20 PGA Golf Management University programs accredited by the PGA of America.

The PGA of America/PGA Golf Management program is a specialization within the Wall College of Business and requires a separate application process. PGA students can major in any area in the Wall College of Business (Accounting; Economics; Finance; Management; Marketing; or Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management) and receive the PGA designation when they have completed their academic and PGA membership requirements. The PGA membership requirements include passing the PGA's Playing Ability Test (PAT), completing 16 months of full-time internship work and completing all of the PGA's educational courses. Enrollment in the PGA golf management program is limited, and it takes 4 1/2 years to complete. Additionally, extra fees are associated with becoming a member of the PGA of America. Only United States citizens and resident aliens are eligible to become members of the PGA of America.

The Student Experience

The program's curriculum has been carefully developed to offer students the opportunity to simultaneously complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, acquire valuable training experiences in the golf industry and complete the PGA of America’s membership requirements. Completion of CCU's PGA Golf Management Program allows our graduates to pursue careers as club or teaching professionals, golf association administrators, representatives of golf equipment manufacturers or trade publications, and many more exciting opportunities in the ever-growing golf industry.

Beyond the Classroom

Colonel Charles Thrash Learning Center

The Thrash Learning Center, located on the practice range at the General James Hackler Golf Course, is used to train our students to reach their golfing potential. The center is equipped with industry-leading golf-training aids and technology to help build students into successful players and golf instructors.

The two biggest components leading to the success of our players in the learning center is the use of our V1 Digital Coaching System and our Flightscope machine. We use the V1 digital coaching system to analyze each golf swing to aid in producing more powerful and consistent golf shots. Flightscope is useful in a number of ways, including helping us clubfit each player for the combination of which shaft and clubhead best suits their game, helps identify fallacies in golf swings we cannot see and helps us train our students to be elite instructors when they graduate from our program.

The Thrash Learning Center has been a wonderful addition to our program because it has helped our students gain more knowledge about golf and a sharper skill set.

General James Hackler Golf Course at Coastal Carolina University

Located adjacent the Coastal Carolina campus, the Hackler Course is the only university golf course on the Grand Strand. This par 72 golf course is operated by the University’s PGA Golf Management program. The clubhouse has a fully stocked golf shop with officially licensed Chanticleer Apparel. The Hackler Course's practice facility offers an all grass driving range, practice bunker, 3,000 square foot putting green, and a 3-hole short game area between 20-50 yards. The course has an excellent tournament program, and specializes in golf outings, corporate outings and clinics.


The University Curriculum (43 credit hours)
As the framework for undergraduate education, the core curriculum provides a sound background in the liberal arts and sciences. Included in the core curriculum are courses in communication, research, mathematics, thought and expression, national structure and development, global language and perspective, and social sciences.

The Business Curriculum (42 credit hours)
The core business curriculum provides understanding and development of accounting, finance, economics, production and marketing practices, and principles; general management principles and administrative skills; analytical and quantitative processes; and oral and written communication proficiency.

The Degree Major Curriculum (15-18 credit hours)
CCU PGM Golf Management students can major in any degree program offered in the Wall College of Business. Currently these majors include marketing, management, finance, accounting, economics and resort tourism management. Any of these majors provides the student with the necessary knowledge and skills that prepare them for successful careers in the golf industry. PGA Golf Management students receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialty in professional golf management.

The PGA Golf Management Curriculum (18 credit hours)
Courses for professional golf management provide the student specialized knowledge in a wide area of studies. Included are landscape design, turf grass management, food and beverage control, rules of golf, tournament operations, principles of golf instruction, golf club repair and design, golf car fleet management, career enhancement and other subjects directly related to practical work experiences required to become a successful member of the PGA of America.

The Internship Curriculum (6 credit hours)
An exciting feature of the PGA Golf Management Program is 16 months of practical work experience at PGA of America-approved golf facilities under the guidance of PGA Professionals. The internship experience at CCU is divided into four sessions: the first three sessions are three months long and take place during the summer months following the first three years at the university, and the last internship takes place following the fourth year and lasts seven months. Annually, CCU PGA Golf Management students participate in full-time internship work at golf facilities located in over 25 states.

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Individuals seeking admission into the PGA Golf Management Program must satisfy all Coastal Carolina University entrance requirements, including a separate PGA Golf Managment Program application. The first step is to get accepted into the university. Next, a separate PGA Golf Management Program application needs to be completed, and prospects must also provide a verified handicap of eight (8) or less and a letter of recommendation from a PGA member. Because admission into this program is limited, one must apply to this program as early as possible in the academic year to assure timely consideration for acceptance into the following year's fall class. Additionally, all serious applicants are highly encouraged to visit the CCU campus and meet with a PGA Golf Management Program staff members.


William Mann  
Director, PGA Golf Management Program  
Wall Building 122  

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