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The Each 1 Teach 1 Entrepreneurship Institute helps provide students with the tools they need to build prosperous, successful futures in education and business. We inspire tomorrow's leaders. Our goal is to make sure every student in the program finishes high school, graduates from college and pursues their dream career. We need your financial support in order to sustain and grow this valuable program. By contributing to this institute, you are contributing both to the future of the participants in the program and to the future of our community, because the program helps teach participants how to become the leaders of tomorrow. Your financial support will be used for a variety of critical needs including scholarships, curriculum enhancements, community service learning opportunities and leadership training.

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Gifts to the Institute are tax-deductible, per the current and applicable tax laws. Donors receive recognition from both the Institute and Coastal Carolina University. For more information about donating to Each 1 Teach 1, please contact Dr. Leann Mischel at or at 843-349-2023 or donate via the online form below.