Institute for Principled Development - Coastal Carolina University
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Institute for Principled Development 

In an effort to provide impartial, data-driven analysis of the various policy, economic, and environmental issues that economic growth and development can bring, a new institute is slated for launch in the spring of 2020 at Coastal Carolina University.

The vision of the Institute for Principled Development is to be a thought leader in Horry and surrounding counties, providing scientifically derived data and analyses to guide the local community into its best future. The institute will provide comprehensive, cross-disciplinary expertise, resulting in information that will contribute to reasoned decision-making about development and growth.

The activities of the institute will be multi-disciplinary, bringing together social scientists, such as economists, along with natural scientists. The research will be analyzed through multiple frames and backed up with hard data.

Through its research and data-based activities, the Institute for Principled Development will be an impartial and credible source for those seeking answers to some of the complex planning and development issues facing our region.

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