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In addition to the regularly scheduled PDA workshops and speakers that are approved PDA Opportunities (Speakers/Workshops), students may also earn PDA credits by engaging independently in Special Topics and Programs PDAs. Individualized connections made within the business community give students actual experience as well as invaluable networking opportunities needed to stand out in a crowd. 

PLEASE NOTE: These PDA opportunities will require submitting a PDA Credit Request Form to earn credit, will occasionally count for more than one PDA credit and/or required PDA Category, and may require a pre-registration process. 

PDA Title: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) 102B

Description: The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is a nationwide program that is sponsored by the IRS. Volunteers prepare federal and state tax returns for low and moderate-income taxpayers. Each spring, students can participate in the VITA program to gain hands-on experience in preparing tax returns. 


There are certain requirements for this program students must complete before being eligible. They are as follows: 

  • Students must be enrolled or have already completed CBAD 440 (Individual Taxation)
  • Students must complete three required, on-campus training sessions provided by the IRS
  • Students must complete additional online training that will be given at the beginning of the spring semester

For more information on how to be a VITA volunteer or to learn more about the program, contact Dave Mason, associate professor of accounting, at 843-349-4147 or contact the accounting department chair, Greg Krippel, at 843-349-2643 or (Wall Building  301H).

  • After participating in the program you can request to earn PDA credit by completing the PDA Credit Request Form Include in the “Overview of Session” section on the form the dates/times you volunteered and what you learned from the experience. 
  • Participation in the VITA program is worth one (1) PDA credit for every hour of service for a maximum of four (4) PDA credits.

PDA Title: Studying Abroad 102B

Description: Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for Coastal students to round out their education and experience other cultures and countries firsthand. Studying abroad is also a rewarding experience that allows students to achieve proficiency in a foreign language, study subjects from different cultural perspectives, experience adventure and personal growth, and develop valuable career skills. 


  • To receive PDA credit, you must have successfully completed a study abroad course with a satisfactory (S) or a grade of a “C” or higher.
  • After returning from your study abroad experience, you can request to earn PDA credit by completing the PDA Credit Request Form
  • Each study abroad course will count for two (2) PDA credits, for a maximum of eight (8) PDAs.

For a list of possible study abroad courses/programs and for more information visit

PDA Title: Participating in a Professional Internship 102B

Description: Internship experiences provide a challenging opportunity for students to develop work-related skills, such as problem-solving, goal setting, time management, effective communication and organizational skills. Internships also provide students with practical experience within their chosen field, which improves post-graduate employment prospects dramatically. The Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management and the PGA Golf Management programs require multiple internships, which leads to exceptionally high levels of career-oriented employment for graduates of these programs. However, all students are encouraged to participate in one or more internships during their enrollment at Coastal Carolina University, regardless of their field of study.  


  • Students who earn a grade of a “C” or higher in an internship course administered through the Wall College of Business (e.g. CBAD 297, CBAD 497, ACCT 497, MGMT 497, FIN 497, MKTG 497, PGMP 180, PGMP, 280, PGMP 380, PGMP 480, HRTM 180, HRTM 280, HRTM 230, HRTM 381, HRTM 480, ECON 497) will automatically receive two (2) PDA credits as long as they successfully complete the course FOR CREDIT. However, the posting of the PDA credits to the program evaluation will be on a one-semester lag. For example, if a student successfully completes an internship in Fall 2017, the PDA credits will not appear on the program evaluation until the start of the Summer 2018 term.
  • If the PDA credits are not appearing on the program evaluation by the expected posting date or if the student’s graduation date will fall before the PDA credits are expected to be posted, students can submit an appeal to request the credits be posted to their program evaluations sooner by submitting a PDA Appeals Form. (A link to the PDA Appeals form can be found at the bottom of this page.)
  • Students who complete an internship not administered through the Wall College of Business can request to earn PDA credit by completing the PDA Credit Request Form
  • Internships administered through the Wall College of Business for which students are registered for one (1) or more academic credits will count for two (2) PDA credits, while internships taken for zero credit (transcript notation only) will count for one (1) PDA credit. Students can earn a maximum of eight (8) PDA credits through participation in internships.

PDA Title: Serving in a Leadership Capacity 103B

Description: Obtaining a leadership position or participating in a leadership program is an excellent way to gain real-world experiences you can use as talking points in employment interviews. Serving in a leadership capacity will also allow you to develop important skills that will better prepare you for your future career in business.

Examples of leadership positions include but are not limited to: 

 Examples of leadership programs include, but are not limited to:

Updated June 2017


  • To receive PDA credit, you must actively serve in a leadership position and/or program for a minimum of one semester (or for the entire duration of the program if the program's duration is less than one semester), and have made a significant contribution to the people and/or organization you represented while serving as their leader.
  • After serving in the leadership capacity for a minimum of one semester (or having completed the leadership program), you can request to earn PDA credit by completing the PDA Credit Request Form
  • If you remain in your leadership role for more than one semester or participate in the leadership program in more than one semester, you may submit a request for additional PDA credits after each subsequent semester.
  • If you have multiple leadership positions or participate in multiple programs you can make a separate request for PDA credit for each of these positions.
  • You can earn two (2) PDA credits per request, for a maximum of eight (8) PDAs.

PDA Title: Delivering a Professional Presentation 103B

Description: Today, it’s not just what you know that counts but how you present your knowledge to the world. Delivering accomplished presentations is a vital skill, whether you’re a student just starting out or the head of a large organization. Even if you don’t normally give presentations as part of your occupation, one day you may need to deliver a presentation as part of a job interview or to address a group or community organization; therefore, it pays to prepare and develop those skills now, and the best way to develop those skills is to know how to give effective presentations.


  • Develop a presentation and present it in a public forum. This could include, but is not limited to the following:
  • Presenting during Wall College Connections 
  • Presenting during the Celebration of Inquiry
  • Presenting during the Undergraduate Research Competition
  • Participating in a Business Plan Competition (contact Robert Salvino for details regarding the annual Pitch Competition held each spring).
  • Participate in “Toastmasters” 
  • Presenting at a local, national or international conference
  • Presenting at a professional association meeting
  • After making your presentation you can request to earn PDA credit by completing the PDA Credit Request Form.  Include an evaluation of how you thought the presentation went and what you would do differently when presenting in the future in the “Overview of the Session” section of the form. You will also need to email your presentation documents to
  • Each professional presentation will count for one (1) PDA credit, for a maximum of four (4) PDA credits.

PDA Title: Online LinkedIn Intensive 104B

LinkedIn Intensive is a virtual workshop covering steps to create a profile that stands out and techniques for making great contacts who can open doors.

To access this workshop, click here.

*Completion of the LinkedIn Intensive workshop and submission of the PDA Credit Request Form will count as three (3) PDA credits. 

PDA Title: Career Fair Intensive 108B

Description: Career fairs are useful for students seeking full-time, part-time or internship positions and provide an outlet for students to network with professionals for future career opportunities and to explore career opportunities in career fields or companies of interest. Preparing and conducting yourself in a professional manner will set you apart and get you noticed. Completing three portions of the Career Fair intensive will allow you to earn two (2) PDA credits for this level of commitment. 

  1. Create a Professional Business Card to use during the session. This can be done at no expense through Career Services. Plan well and allow several weeks lead time to get your cards printed. 
  2. Make several copies of your resume to provide to employers at the fair.
  3. Attend the fair professionally dressed and meet at least three potential employers. Coastal Carolina University hosts several on-campus job and/or internship fairs throughout the year. Information regarding these opportunities can be found at In addition, there are career fairs regularly scheduled in Myrtle Beach or even in your hometown. Information about jobs and job fairs in the Myrtle Beach area can be found by visiting the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Job Connections page or by performing a simple Google search. For information regarding job fairs in your hometown, contact your local chamber of commerce or conduct an Internet search. 
  4. Complete the career fair form upon registration and attach a business card and resume.

PDA Title: External PDA

Description: The primary goal of the Building Your Business Portfolio program is to better prepare students for their transition into their professional careers. We recognize there are numerous opportunities both on and off campus that can help facilitate this goal. Not all of these will be pre-identified by the Wall Center as an approved PDA. Therefore, the Wall Center has provided an avenue in which students may request alternative activities or events be included as a PDA and/or to count toward their required PDA categories.


  • Complete the PDA Credit Request Form. In this request, you must describe the relevance of the activity and/or event with a specific emphasis on how it will positively contribute to your personal or career goals. If you want this activity to count toward your required PDA categories, you must also indicate which PDA category or categories you are requesting for this activity to count toward and justify your selection. For more information on PDA categories, visit the PDA Program Requirements page.
  • If your request is approved, you must complete the PDA Credit Request Form after completion of the activity in order to earn PDA credit. 
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For general questions regarding Professional Development Activities (PDAs), please contact For specific questions or concerns, contact Ellen Hayward, director of Wall Center Student Programs, at or 843-349-2679, or Melinda Tavernier, Wall Center Specialist, at or 843-349-2111. To submit an appeal or request to earn PDA credit, click here.