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1.  What are PDAs?

2.  How many PDAs do I need to graduate?

3. Where do I find out about scheduled PDAs?

Many events on campus are approved for PDA credit. These events will have “PDA credit” listed in their announcement. Others can be found through our PDA calendar.

 4. How do I sign up for PDAs to hold my seat?  

 Some PDAs have limited seating and require students to sign up to reserve a seat. PDAs requiring sign-ups will have a SIGN-UP link in the description of the PDA.

 5.  How do I track my PDA credits?

 6.  What if I am unable to attend the PDAs that are listed on the calendar?

 We have online PDA options below:

External PDAs can be submitted for credit by submitting the credit request form for approval. For example, if a student participates in a PDA that’s offered through an organization like the Chamber of Commerce, this event attendance can be submitted for approval.

7.  Why is my PDA credit is not showing on my Program Evaluation?

Please allow three-to-four weeks for your credit to be posted. Please note: graduating seniors take priority as we post credit.

 8. How can I keep up-to-date on upcoming PDAs?  

 Follow us on Twitter @WallCenterPDAs