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Past Distinguished Speakers


 Robert Bagby

 Retired chairman/CEO, A.G. Edwards, Inc. 


 Sandra Brittian

 Global head, Citi Holdings Program Management Office

Ronald Dissinger

Senior Vice President/CFO

Kellogg Company


 Suzanne Evans

 N.Y. Times best-selling author and owner, Suzanne Evans Coaching LLC


 Bill Gerber

 Retired CFO, TD Ameritrade


 Stephen Moore

 Chief economist, Heritage Group

 Contributor, Fox News and The Wall Street Journal


 Richard Pilosof '83

 Managing partner/CEO/head of risk, RP Investment Advisors

Gregory Rayburn

Founder/Managing Partner, Kobi Partners

Former CEO/President, Hostess Brands


 Jeremy Samatas '98

 President, Seneca Management



Paul Singh

Venture Capitalist/Publisher, Results Junkies


XY Sun

President/CEO, Wellman Advanced Materials