Past Distinguished Speakers - Coastal Carolina University
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 Past Distinguished Speakers

Robert Bagby  R
Retired chairman/CEO, A.G. Edwards Inc.

Sandra Brittain 
Global head, Citi Holdings Program Management Office

Ronald Dissinger 
Senior vice president/CFO, Kellogg Company

Suzanne Evans 
N.Y. Times best-selling author and owner, Suzanne Evans Coaching LLC

William Gerber 
Retired CFO, TD Ameritrade

Stephen Moore 
Chief economist, The Heritage Foundation

Richard Pilosof '83 
Managing partner/CEO/head of risk, RP Investment Advisors LLC

Gregory Rayburn 
Founder/managing partner, Kobi Partners and former CEO/president, Hostess Brands

Daniel Ross '07 
Director of distribution and sales, Savant

Jeremy Samatas '98 
President, Seneca Management

Paul Singh 
Venture capitalist/publisher, Results Junkies


XY Sun 
President/CEO, Wellman Advanced Materials