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The Bellamy Law Firm Endowed Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: HS or college GPA of 3.0+, preference is given to students from the Pee Dee region. Submit a letter on humanitarian qualities for the college of HS faculty. N

The DeCenzo Family Second President's Endowed Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: CCU student from Horry, Georgetown, Williamsburg, Marion or Dillon. See application for additional requirements. U

Devers-Nichols Memorial Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Graduate of either Green Sea Floyds or Mullin HS, 2.75 HS or collegiate GPA, demonstrate financial need via FAFSA. Submit 3 letters of recommendation. N, U

Kenyon and Leona Strickland East Endowed Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Horry resident, 3.0+ HS or transfer GPA, demonstrated financial need, preferences for participants in Horry Adult Education Program. N, U

Celia H. Hopkins Scholarship Fund (Cycle I). Eligibility: Horry County student from K to 12 grade, 3.0+ CCU or transfer GPA, full-time student. Submit documents of attending Horry County from K to 12 grade. N, U

Ingle Endowed Scholarship for Dependents of CCU Faculty & Staff (Cycle I). Eligibility: Dependent of CCU employee, financial need, 3.0+ HS or CCU GPA. Submit FAFSA and description of relationship to CCU employee. N, U

Joe McGarry Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: CCU student who is a child of a police officer. See application. N, U

John Christopher Columbus Murray Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: CCU student with demonstrated financial need. Preference given to single parents. Complete FAFSA. N, U

Jack W. Nelson Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Incoming Freshmen, top 25 percent of HS class, preference to Myrtle Beach residents. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation on character and motivation. N

The Hal Norton Endowed Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: S.C. resident, under 90 college credits, demonstrated financial need. Complete FAFSA and essay on work history & how you will plan to use the award financially. N, U

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Conway Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Resident of Horry or Marion, the Lake View, or Grand Strand areas to Winyah Bay. Preference if a parent works at Pepsi Bottling Corporation in Conway/MB. N, U

Pat Singleton-Young Student Leadership Annual Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Full-time student, preference for students participating in a multicultural program. Submit a record of leadership activities. U

Sparks Family Endowed Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: HS GPA 3.0+, Preference to Horry, Georgetown, Marion, or Brunswick residents. Submit FAFSA & essay on how the award will help you accomplish college goals. N

Grand Strand Surfrider Foundation Volunteer Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: 2.5 high school, transfer, or CCU GPA, preference for Surfrider volunteers. Essay on volunteering (optional) and environmental stewardship. N, U

Surfside Area Rotary Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Graduate of Horry or Georgetown Counties, high school, transfer or CCU GPA of 3.0+, participation in community service. Essay on service. Preference for Rotary family members. N, U

Cox Family Endowed Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Political science or business major, graduated from Loris or N. Myrtle Beach high school, high school, or continuing GPA of 3.0+, Born in Horry County (needs proof), have financial need. Must complete FAFSA. N, U

Cato & Gebhardt Endowed Scholarship Fund (Cycle II). Eligibility: Admitted to CCU as a business student, has financial need (FAFSA), shows commitment to work, ethics, and volunteerism. N, U

1954 Society Endowed Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: 12+ credits when applying and a sophomore at the time of award, 3.0+ CCU GPA, demonstrate financial need via FAFSA. See application for additional requirements. U

Walter T. Berner, Jr. Endowed Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Rising sophomore or higher, 3.0+ CCU or collegiate GPA. Essay on how your degree affects your community, the impact of award & community service. N, U

CCU Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Rising senior, 3.0+ GPA, complete FAFSA, demonstrated involvement, and loyalty to CCU. Additional requirements listed on the application. U

Floyd Family Mentoring Program Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: 1+ years mentoring in Floyd program, demonstrated financial need via FAFSA. Submit an essay on participation & commitment to the Floyd program. U

Garland Alumni Board Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students (Cycle II). Eligibility: Non-traditional student (22+ years old), 3.0+ CCU GPA, demonstrated loyalty to CCU & financial need, taking 6+ credits each semester. U

HGTC Foundation WIPL Life and Legacy Annual Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Transfer from HGTC, 15+ college credits, 3.0+ collegiate GPA, financial need. Essay about women's role in society (see application). Transfer from HGTC.

Dr. David William Knotts Memorial Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Students who lost a parent to death. Submit a short personal statement about your experience in losing a parent. N, U

Senator Clementa C. Pinckney Memorial Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Resident of SC Senate District 45, demonstrated financial need. Must prove residency. Award: $2,500 per year. N

Students of Foster Care Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Taking 6+ college credits, 2.5+ HS or collegiate GPA, demonstrated financial need. Preference for those who have been in foster care in Horry or Georgetown Counties. N, U

Women in Philanthropy & Leadership for CCU Annual Scholarships (Cycle II). Eligibility: 15+ college credits, 3.0+ GPA, demonstrated financial need, taking at least 15 credits. Submit an essay on women & leadership. U

Women in Philanthropy and Leadership for CCU Endowed Scholarships (Cycle II). Eligibility: Rising junior or senior, 3.5+ GPA, demonstrated financial need. See application for more requirements. Award: $5,000. U

WPDE-TV News Channel 15 Scholarships (Cycle II). Eligibility: Resident of Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Horry, Florence, Georgetown, Lee, Marion, Marlboro or Williamsburg, new students 3.0+ HS GPA plus 1100+ SAT or 24+ ACT, transfers or CCU students 3.25+ GPA. Submit an essay on career aspirations. Preference for minorities. N, U

Garland Alumni Board Scholarship for Traditional Students (Cycle II). Eligibility: Under 22 years old, 3.0+ HS, transfer or CCU GPA, from selected area High School, business or education major. Complete FAFSA. N, U  


External Scholarships

The websites listed below and others provide databases on external scholarships.

Wall College of Business Scholarships
(info at unless otherwise stated)

These scholarships are managed by the Coastal Education Foundation and are targeted to business students.

Dorothy K. Anderson Resort Tourism Management Endowed Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: HRTM major with 1200 SAT or 24 ACT (1300/27 for out-of-state students), CCU GPA of 2.75. N, U

David L. Brittain Memorial Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Junior or Senior HRTM student, resident of Horry, Georgetown or Brunswick Counties, GPA of 2.5+. Submit documents showing community service. U

Oceana Resorts Resort Tourism Management Annual Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: HRTM major, 1100+ SAT or 24+ ACT, and 30+ college credits with GPA of 3.0+. Submit evidence of hospitality experience. N

Kimberly Barth Sherfesee Human Resources Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Upperclassmen management major with an HR concentration, residing locally, and a 3.0+ GPA. Submit an essay on career aspirations. U

Ralph and Ami S. Byington Annual Scholarships (Cycle I). Eligibility: Accounting major with expressed interest in pharmacy or wind musical instrument, 3.0+ CCU or transfer GPA, 400 words essay (see application). N, U

Conway National Bank Annual Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Junior or senior business major and CNB client, Horry HS graduate, and GPA of 2.5+. Should provide evidence of having a CNB account. U

Wendell and Lucille Calhoun Hinson Endowed Scholarship (Cycle I). Eligibility: Horry or Georgetown Country native resident and enrolled in the Wall College of Business. Submit a letter of recommendation from a local high school. N, U

Dean’s Excellence Award (Cycle II). Eligibility: Business student with 30+ college credits (at time of award), 3.25+ CCU GPA, active enrollment, essay (250+ words) on career aspirations. Up to 10 awards per year. U

Cato, Jr. and Gebhardt Endowed Scholarship Fund (Cycle II). Eligibility: Part or full-time business student with financial need (must submit FAFSA and supporting documents). Provide evidence of work & volunteerism. N, U

CNC Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Matt Harper (Cycle II). Eligibility: HRTM major with 60+ college credits. Submit statement about work, volunteerism in tourism in Grand Strand or with Brittain Center. U

Robert C. Elvington Alumni Board Endowed Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: a business student from the selected Horry high schools, 3.0+ HS GPA or 2.75+ CCU GPA. Complete FAFSA and application form. N, U

The Abraham F. Isaac Memorial Scholarship Fund (Cycle II). Eligibility: CCU student with preference for business students from Georgetown County. Submit a letter of recommendation from the high School principal or counselor. N

MB Area Hospitality Association RTM Annual Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: HRTM major, 1100 SAT or 24 ACT for incoming, 30+ credits & 3.0+ GPA for continuing students. Submit evidence of work in hospitality. N, U

Ray L. Miller Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Full-time accounting student, 54+ credits, 3.0+ GPA. Provide evidence of campus and community engagement. Preference is given to out-of-state students. U

Zonta WIPL Life and Legacy Annual Scholarship (Cycle II). Eligibility: Junior (60-89 credits) full-time business student, 3.0+ GPA, and demonstrated financial need. Submit FAFSA and essay on community service. U

Grant Center for Real Estate and Economic Development Scholarship (open) Eligibility: A high school GPA of 3.5+ of CCU GPA of 2.75+, studying real-estate at CCU or abroad, extra curriculum activity. Optional 500 or fewer words essay. U, G

Marketing & HRTM Scholarship (Deadline in mid-March) Eligibility: Full-time HRTM or Marketing student, completed at least 60 credits, GPA of 3.5 or higher. Contact Dr. Fine, chair of Marketing and HRTM at for info. U  

South Carolina Scholarships (

These scholarships by SC CHE are available for those who are SC residents when they graduate from high school.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. Eligibility: SAT 1200+ or ACT 27+, High School GPA of 3.5 and rank at the top six percent of High School class OR 1400+ SAT or 32 ACT & High School GPA of 4.0+. Award: $6,700 for the first year, $7,500 per year for the final 3 years. Continuation: Must have a college GPA of 3.0+ and complete an average of 30 credits per school year. N

LIFE Scholarship. SAT 1100+ or ACT 24+, High School GPA of 3.0+ and rank at top 30 percent of HS class OR 1400+ SAT or 32 ACT and high school GPA of 4.00+. Award: $5,000/year. Continuation: College GPA of 3.0+ & an average of 30 credits year. N

Hope Scholarship. Eligibility: 0+ High School GPA. Award: $2,800 for the first year. Automatic consideration. N  

Horry County Scholarships (    

These application-based scholarships are regulated by the Horry County HEC and are available for Horry County high school graduates.

Leadership Scholarship. Eligibility:5 HS GPA, 100+ hours of service, essay on leadership and service, a recommendation from high school and community provider. Award: $2,500/year. Continuation: GPA of 3.0+ and 30+ credits per year. N

Hardship and Adversity Scholarship. Eligibility: 2.5 high school GPA, essay on hardship and impact on life, a recommendation from a high school official. Award: $2,500/year. Continuation: College GPA of 2.5 and complete an average of 30 credits per school year. N

Senior Collegiate Scholarship. Eligibility: Horry high school graduate who completed 90 credits at CCU, not receiving SC LIFE or Palmetto Fellows scholarship, CCU GPA of 2.75+, shows financial need via FAFSA. Award: varies U

Federal Programs (

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form that can be prepared annually college students in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. The deadline varies by state. See N, U, G

Pell Grant: A Pell Grant is a subsidy the federal government provides for students to pay for college. Federal Pell Grants are limited to students with financial need. Students will automatically be considered for a Pell Grant when they complete their FAFSA. For the 2017–18 school year, the maximum Federal Pell Grant award is $5,920. N, U

Direct Student Loan: A low-interest loan from the U.S. Department of Education. Eligibility: Students must complete FAFSA sign a Master Promissory Note and complete an Entrance Loan Counseling, take 6+ credits per semester. N, U, G

Parent PLUS Loan: A Federally guaranteed loan borrowed by a parent on behalf of a dependent undergraduate student. Eligibility: Complete FAFSA, credit check for the parent, origination fee, plus student must take 6+ credits per semester. N, U

Note: N = For new undergraduate students, U = For existing undergraduate students, G = For Graduate Students

Contact Information

For more information about these scholarships or other CCU scholarships, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at

If you are interested in giving a financial donation toward a scholarship, visit the Ways To Give website