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VanDenBerg wins Wall Fellows Alumnus of the Year  

The Wall Fellows Program could not be possible without the amazing support from faculty, staff, community members, and alumni who helped create the history of our program.

Each year, the Wall Fellows recognize an alumnus who continues to contribute to our program, allowing our continued involvement in such an engaging and enriching environment. To acknowledge their involvement in helping our program continue to evolve, we created an Alumni of the Year Award. The Alumni of the Year Award is presented at the alumni lunch during Homecoming weekend.

This year, we recognized an individual who has been very active with the Wall Fellows Program and has served on the board of advisers for the past three years. When this person joined the board, he immediately began contributing to the program’s growth by opening doors for possible internships, providing coaching for Wall Fellows and assisting with career opportunities for graduates.

This year, we recognized Kevin VanDenBerg'08. VanDenBerg, who double majored in finance and management, worked for Rolls-Royce after graduating from CCU until March 2016. Upon leaving Rolls-Royce, he joined Delta Material Services, where he is currently employed. VanDenBerg donates both his time and money to help foster the growth of the Wall Fellows Program, and we owe our success to dedicated supporters like him.  Thank you, Kevin, for everything you have done to ensure the continued success of the Wall Fellows Program.