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Our alumni are successful business professionals, trailblazers and community leaders. They manage companies, create businesses, mentor our students, support our University and serve as community leaders.

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Alumni Spotlight: Scott D’Ambrosio

When Scott D’Ambrosio ’08 graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in finance, a career in alternative energy solutions was not what he wanted to pursue. However, when his childhood friend, John Gurski, founded Energy Toolbase, a company that specializes in the economics behind alternative energy deals, he decided to take a chance. He gave up a lucrative career in finance and joined the fledgling company.

Starting Energy Toolbase was not a simple task. Gurski and D’Ambrosio spent countless nights teaching themselves how to code so they could develop software for the company. “This is one of the distinctions that makes us different from anyone else,” said Gurski.  “We aren’t software guys learning alternative energy, but industry guys who learned software.” Their persistence paid off, and the company became an industry leader thanks to its precise and user-friendly tools that help developers reduce their energy bill. D’Ambrosio is now the executive vice president of Energy Toolbase; currently, the company has more than 1,700 users in all 50 states.

D’Ambrosio gained a lot from his education at CCU. “Reflecting on the lessons my professors taught me, I now realize their value and importance,” he said. “The Wall College of Business’ curriculum is relevant to many aspects of both everyday life and business.” His favorite experience at CCU was going on a study abroad trip to Europe, where he visited European universities and businesses. This trip enabled him to learn about other cultures and gain a more global perspective.

As an alumnus, D’Ambrosio tries to find ways to support CCU students. Last semester, he spoke to students in an environmental economics course. He wants students to understand there is a difference between learning something just to pass a test and understanding it. He told students, “If you understand the concepts of business and finance, you will be a valuable asset to any company coming out of school.”

D’Ambrosio is a great example of someone whose persistence and risk-taking led to incredible things.