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Our students are doing incredible things inside and outside the classroom! They are excelling in their studies, leading organizations, winning awards, completing internships, winning competitions and traveling around the world. They are also volunteering for various local and national charities, all while making their marks on the world. 

Student Spotlight: Madison Wolf

Madison Wolf is an economics major in the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration and a member of the Wall Fellows Program, a highly selective program that prepares students for leadership positions in major domestic and international organizations. Wall Fellows take workshops on leadership and soft skills, support various projects and events at CCU, and travel domestically and internationally to visit companies and meet executives.

Wolf came to Coastal Carolina University from the Golden, Colorado, because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone and explore a different place. She loves being close to the beach and studying at an accredited business college.

 In the summer of 2018, Wolf traveled with other Wall Fellows to Iceland, where she worked on a consulting project for an Icelandic company. “I had a wonderful experience in the Wall Fellows Program,” said Wolf. “Gina Cummings, the program’s director, is a great resource in all personal and professional endeavors. The program helped me grow in all aspects of my life more than I ever expected when I first joined.”

Wolf also served as a tutor in the Wall Center for Excellence. “I had a wonderful time as a tutor,” she said. “It was a great learning experience for me as I became more confident in my core business classes. It was also a fun job because I got to witness how my tutoring helped my fellow students.”

Wolf currently serves as the Chief of Staff for the Wall Fellows Program.