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Fuel Purchases

All vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel to avoid additional charges.

All drivers MUST have a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Enterprise, Hertz and Coastal Carolina University Motor Pool vehicles have assigned credit cards for gas purchases. To purchase gas using the Wright Express credit card, a PIN is required. A PIN has to be requested through Transportation Services. The process to obtain a PIN may take up to two weeks, so it is important that you apply early.

To apply for a PIN, submit (by email only) your full name as it appears on your driver's license and your date of birth to Trixie Harrington at This information will be sent to the state where they will assign a random number to you. Once a PIN has been assigned to your name, you will be sent a confidential letter with your PIN enclosed.

It is very important that you do not share your driver PIN with others. This number is associated with your name for reporting purposes on fuel use. It is a unique number and it will be the only number that will allow you to fuel at retail or agency-owned sites. Please keep the number with you so that you may use it when necessary. (Putting the number in your cellphone is a good idea.)

If you lose the number or forget the number, you must go to your primary or secondary agency lead to retrieve it during normal business hours. Wright Express will not provide this number to you. Mansfield Oil Company will not provide this number to you, but can be contacted after normal business hours in emergency situations. We cannot stress enough the importance of memorizing or keeping this number with you.

If the PIN number does not work at a gas station, have the clerk call the toll-free number listed on the back of the credit card. If the card is rejected, the customer service representative should be able to explain why. Also, please inform Transportation Services when you return so your number can be re-entered into the state system to avoid future problems.

Transportation Services Contacts

Primary: Trixie Harrington, 843-349-2172 
Secondary: Wanda Bradosky, 843-349-2039

Please sign the gas receipt and include it with the paperwork, keys and credit card when returning the vehicle to Transportation Services.