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Career Services empowers students and alumni to explore career and graduate school options, develop professionally, and achieve success in their future endeavors.

  • We provide high quality, personal and accessible opportunities for students to proactively engage and take ownership of career decisions.
  • We capitalize on strategic partnerships with the campus community and employers in order to provide comprehensive resources, programs, access to internships, employment and graduate school opportunities.
  • We market CCU as a source of talent to alumni, employers and graduate schools.

Our mission is accomplished as we empower students to engage in the stages of exploration, development and success.


Students will:

  • Develop a clear career objective that reflects their unique personality, interests and skills based on self-assessment and guidance from experts.
  • Be able to articulate their personal career objective and understand what knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to develop in order to obtain their goals.
  • Be exposed to a variety of opportunities to learn about different career choices, both online and in-person.


Students will:

  • Be exposed to successful professionals in their chosen career (e.g., alumni, executives, community leaders).
  • Have faculty experts in their field available to them for career advice and mentorship.
  • Have opportunities to practice their career skills via internships, service learning, and/or other experiential learning activities.
  • Receive support online and in-person to assist in development of targeted skills for career success (including interviewing and networking skills).
  • Build a resume or professional portfolio.


Students will:

  • Master strategies for identifying and securing career or graduate school opportunities.
  • Have access to a robust employer database.
  • Benefit from strong relationships with the community, employer and alumni.
  • Have opportunities as alumni to engage with students for the purpose of professional development.