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About the Coastal Business Journal

The Mission 

The mission of The Coastal Business Journal (CBJ) is to support the practice and teaching of business administration through the timely distribution of applied scholarly papers. The Coastal Business Journal gives preference to papers that specifically focus on issues pertaining to business administration and business development within coastal geographic regions, although more far-reaching topics of academic and/or practitioner interest will be considered as well.

We are a Cabell’s, EbscoHost, Proquest, and Google Scholar listed multi-disciplinary, double-blind reviewed outlet for your scholarly papers which seeks to increase the body of knowledge in a wide range of areas of business administration and business development. Our audience is intended to be both practitioners and academicians - ideal topics for publication consideration would be of interest to both groups. Our acceptance rate is currently 35 percent.


The CBJ is published in an online format only. Although it is possible that the journal may occasionally publish, in hard copy, a set of selected articles in a "Best Of” format, contributors should be aware that most articles submitted to the journal will only be available on­line.

Examples of Appropriate Topics

         •    Business and economic development within coastal geographic regions
         •    Administration of coastal regional business activities such as tourism, hospitality
              and resort management, retirement living, water sports, etc.
         •    Economically-relevant societal issues specific to coastal regional economies
              such as beach erosion, pollution, and infrastructure development
         •    Developments in the general practice of business administration such as new
              management techniques, changes in regulations, technological innovations, etc.
         •    Developments in the teaching of business administration such as new
              classroom teaching methods, incorporating new technologies in the classroom,
              online instructions, etc.


The CBJ is intended for both academicians and practitioners, and the ideal topic would be of interest to both groups. Due to the nature of the intended readership, articles should be written so as to be accessible to a well-informed practitioner and yet still contribute to the advancement of the academic discipline of business management. Any complex statistical analysis required in an article should be presented in such a way that those without advanced preparation in quantitative methods would still be able to access the main themes and findings.

Submission of Articles 

The Coastal Business Journal is published annually in electronic format by the Wall College of Business at Coastal Carolina University. The journal is referenced in Cabell’s and currently has an acceptance rate of approximately 35 percent. All papers accepted for publication have undergone a double-blind review process. Please see the guidelines for authors link on this website for more information concerning the formatting and submission of articles.

Editorial Board 

The CBJ editorial board assists the editor with the review and selection of papers for the journal and is comprised of individuals with expertise in various areas of business administration. If you are interested in being considered for editorial board membership for The Coastal Business Journal, please contact the managing editor

Current members of the editorial board are listed on the editorial board link on this website.