Amelia Smith

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Name: Amelia Smith

Year in School: Senior

Hometown: Goshen, N.Y.

Major: Psychology


 Amelia is a psychology student.

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At Coastal Carolina University, we value intelligence, talent, innovativeness, creativity and leadership. However, above all those traits, nothing is revered more than character. Amelia Smith, a senior psychology major, has plenty of it. Describing herself as “open-minded,” Amelia strives to put others before herself.  According to her, it is a good day when she can make someone happy or help out a person in need. As you can imagine, Amelia fits in great at CCU.

Amelia comes from Goshen, N.Y., a place she calls “typical small town USA.” Although she enjoys the family atmosphere of her hometown, it was her plan all along to start a new chapter and attend college in the South. Although it was tempting to settle for a university in North Carolina considering her two sisters reside there, she kept moving south until she found Coastal Carolina. Amelia is glad she did.

“Being so far away from home, Coastal taught me how to be independent and how to branch out of my comfort zone,” Amelia says.

One way Amelia branched out was by becoming involved in campus organizations. She is president of the Coastal chapter of Sigma Kappa sorority and is a brother of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. Additionally, she is a member of the National Society for Leadership and Success and part of Psi Chi Honors Society, the national psychology honors organization. She is busy off campus too. Amelia’s family owns a café in Goshen that specializes in brunch. Because she has restaurant blood in her veins it might come as little surprise that she has manages to find time to work at Nacho Hippo, a popular Myrtle Beach restaurant in Market Common.

“I am really open to doing new things and meeting new people,” Amelia mentions, explaining her need to keep a packed schedule.

Amelia has her future mapped out. Not only does she want to earn her master’s degree but she eventually wants to earn a doctorate as well. Inspired by social workers since a young age, Amelia also wants to enter the social work profession. Boding well for her is that she loves people, and people seem to love her too. We thank Amelia for attending Coastal and wish her well once she graduates later this year.  

Amelia is from Goshen, N.Y.
Amelia is a sister of Sigma Kappa.

Q&A with Amelia

How did you hear about Coastal?: I heard about Coastal through some students at my high school who were interested in attending. I also knew a few people in my county that were older than me that chose to attend Coastal!

Why did you come to Coastal?: I always knew I wanted to attend school in the South. Being from New York, I needed a change from the Northern environment and wanted something new. I have two older sisters who reside in North Carolina so I toured a few schools in North Carolina but Coastal was the only one I toured in South Carolina. I fell in love with Coastal’s campus, it was beautiful and it instantly made me happy. I knew this is where I belonged. Also, being right near the beach, it couldn’t get any better!

Favorite Professor: My favorite professor here at Coastal was Linda Palm, Ph.D. She was my psychology teacher for Psychology Stats 225. She has now retired but she was the most kind- hearted, loving and caring teacher ever! She worked with me so much during the class and made sure I understood the material. She cared so much about her students and on top of that she was an amazing professor! I miss her very much!

Favorite Class: My favorite class I took is shockingly a class that doesn’t have to do with my major. It was a cognate class I took over the summer: Sociology 351, Race & Ethnicity. The class was so interesting to me as I was able to learn so much more about cultures and how individuals are perceived in society. Being that I am three different races, I also have a strong opinion about unequal treatment because of an individual’s race or skin color.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: My favorite aspect of Coastal is how many resources are on campus to get involved. I did not really get super involved on campus until my junior year and I am so glad I did! Coastal is also the perfect size, not too big and not too small. There are chances for you to meet new people every day but still see familiar faces often!

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: My favorite aspects of living in this location are the endless attractions and amazing food places you can go to! I love trying new foods!

Clubs/Intramurals/Other extracurricular activities you are involved in?: I am a sister of Sigma Kappa sorority here at Coastal, and I am blessed to serve as the president of this wonderful organization. I am also a brother of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. I am a member of the National Society for Leadership and Success, and part of the Psi Chi honors society for psychology majors across the country. I hope to get more involved in my last year of Coastal by joining the WOC (Women of Color) organization on campus.

Do you work anywhere currently?: I work at a restaurant called Nacho Hippo in Market Common as a server. Come get your tacos!

Plans after graduation?: My plan after graduation is to attend graduate school somewhere in North Carolina to pursue my master’s degree in social work and eventually earn my doctorate  as well. I want to be a social worker because my parents adopted three children, and I saw how much of an impact their social worker had on their lives so I hope to be able to have the same impact on others as well!

What are your hobbies?: I love to try new foods and take spontaneous trips. Unexpected trips are the best and most fun! I also love to go to the gym to keep a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy helping others out in need as I believe in putting others before myself. I love making people happy!

Do you have any hidden talents?: The only hidden talent I could think of is that I am really good at Double Dutch!

Bonus Info: Coastal has helped me develop into the woman I want to be today! I have made countless memories and have been brought amazing opportunities because of this school! I could not be more thankful I chose Coastal as my home away from home!