Ariana McClung

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Name: Ariana McClung                                                 

Hometown: Amherst, Ohio

Year in School: Sophomore                                        

Major: Marine Science

Social Media Handle: @ari_michelle513


Ariana is a marine science student

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Coastal was actually the last school that I applied to. I heard about Coastal from my old youth pastor, who knew someone who was planning to come to CCU. She had told me about how amazing the marine science program was, so I just had to check it out. I had always wanted to go to school for marine biology, and the process of choosing a school was not easy. Coastal was my last hope. That same day, I visited the CCU website and applied. Once I got accepted, I took my mom and stepfather out to breakfast to show them the acceptance letter and talk to them about Coastal, since prior to this I hadn’t mentioned it to them. It was funny because my mom had no idea what was going on, but my stepfather did. They were very supportive, and after breakfast I got in my car and started sobbing with joy.  We planned for a campus tour the same week that we traveled here for spring break in 2018. One walk around the campus made me immediately fall in love with Coastal. I even tried convincing my best friend to apply and come to school here, since she actually went on the campus tour with me.

I wouldn’t consider myself someone who is outgoing, so I knew that making new friends at a university 12 hours away from home would be a challenge. I saw an opportunity to reinvent myself and break out of my shell. Since becoming a student here, I have built more relationships than I thought I ever could being on my own. When I walk around campus, I always find myself running into friends and past classmates, exchanging a quick “hello,” and sometimes getting a meal together so we can sit down and catch up. Everyone you come across on this campus is helpful, kind and thoughtful. The actual school part of college is difficult, but the people here help one another through it all.

Ariana is from Amherst, Ohio

Meet Ariana

Favorite professor: Patrick Limber, Ph.D. (assistant marine geology professor)


Favorite class: Marine Science 111


Campus Involvement (organizations, activities, etc.): Campus Advance


Favorite trait of #CCU: The friendly atmosphere and ability to easily connect with others


Favorite Netflix series: The Umbrella Academy


Favorite charitable cause: Karmagawa, which helps with disaster relief, animal rehabilitation, etc.


Item you would bring to a deserted island: A big box of matches


Dream job: A shark specialist/ecologist


Favorite Southern food: Sweet tea or biscuits and gravy


Motivating factor in life: Enjoyment and fulfillment


Favorite quote:  “You have no power over me.” – Sarah, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth


Bonus info: I came to Coastal to follow a childhood dream. I just hope it comes true.


Ariana is a sophomore