Becky Krivanek

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Name:  Becky Krivanek              

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Year in School: Junior                      

Major:  Music Education


Becky is a music education student.


Becky's Video

The Chanticleer Regiment (the marching band at Coastal) has dazzled the Coastal community this football season. With a powerful sound and a top notch visual presentation, the band has brought great delight to students, fans and alumni. Right in the middle of the motivational energy created by the Chanticleer Regiment is Becky Krivanek, a junior from Pittsburgh.

For those wondering if you can study music at Coastal, just take a look at Becky. Sure she is a key part in the marching band but her involvement in the art goes much deeper. She is a music education major where she takes such classes as ear training and voice leading. Her undergraduate work will lead her right into the Master of Arts and Teaching (M.A.T.) program where she will earn her graduate certificate and highly boost her chances of quickly landing a job teaching middle or high school band.

Increasing those chances is the fact that Becky is already helping students at the high school level. She is the brass instructor at St. James in Murrells Inlet. But don’t think music is the only thing filling up Becky’s time. Besides her work at the high school, she holds two other jobs, one as a manager at McDonald’s and the other as a hostess at an area restaurant. Those who know the heavy load of a music major will find her multiple jobs off campus highly impressive.

Becky says she enjoys Coastal because of the community. She adds there is a family atmosphere that is evident on campus, one she can appreciate no matter how busy she is. Make sure to attend the final Coastal home football game on Nov. 26 and look for Becky playing her trumpet in the Chanticleer Regiment. Add to this feeling of community that she describes by cheering her on; we all know she deserves it.        

Becky is a junior.
Becky is from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Q&A with Becky

How did you hear about Coastal?: I attended the Coastal Honor Band Clinic every year where participated with others across the state in a workshop for a few days and then put on a concert.

Why did you come to Coastal?: During the honor band weekend, the faculty and students at Coastal put on various concerts for the students to attend, including the Spectrum Concert that includes a little bit of everything. My senior year of high school, I attended and the marching band played the end of Spectrum. They were so loud and great, I knew that is where I wanted to be next year.

Favorite professor: Dr. Jill Trinka

Favorite class: So far, my favorite class has been ear training with Dr. Trinka.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: I love the atmosphere and friendliness of the students and faculty/staff.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: I love how all of the local restaurants and businesses support Coastal!

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: Marching band

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I am a manager at the Carolina Forest McDonald's, hostess at Angelo's Steak and Pasta and the brass instructor for the Pride of St. James Marching Band at St. James High School.

Plans after graduation?:  I am going to continue in the MAT (Masters of Arts and Teaching) program at Coastal to obtain my master's certificate in music education. Then, hopefully find a job teaching middle or high school band.                

What are your hobbies?: I enjoy listening to music, performing in jazz, symphonic and marching band, and spending time with my best friend and roommate, Rachel.

Do you have any hidden talents?: I play trumpet, but I am secretly pretty good at singing. I don't talk about it or demonstrate it much, so most people do not know.

Bonus Info: I am extremely blessed to be attending CCU and working with some great people who push me to be the best that I can be.