Cory Cribb

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Name: Cory Cribb                                                                  

Hometown: Johnsonville, S.C.

Year in School: Junior                                                    

Major: Exercise and Sport Science


Cory attended Johnsonville High School

Cory's Video

When we asked Cory Cribb to tell us a source he draws inspiration from, he went right to the second state motto of South Carolina. It reads:

While I Breathe, I Hope.

“As long as I am breathing, I have a hope to make things better,” Cory states, elaborating on what the motto means to him.

That pretty much summarizes the character of Cory Cribb. A South Carolina native from Johnsonville, he is a guy on a mission to earn a high-level education and make a difference. Cory wants to attain his doctorate in exercise science and then conduct meaningful research. As someone who is the first in his family to attend a 4-year university, he is not holding back when it comes to setting goals.

Cory credits Coastal with helping him come into his own and setting him up with a great foundation. He is president of the CCU chapter of Phi Gamma Delta and says some of his best moments since arriving on campus have come directly from his involvement with his fraternity. A fan of cooking and reading, Cory also enjoys activities outdoors such as running and swimming.

As Cory begins final exams today, we wish him the best of luck. We know when he returns to Johnsonville for the holidays his family will be very proud of him.

Cory is from Johnsonville, S.C.
Cory Cribb is a student at Coastal Carolina University

Q&A with Cory

How did you hear about Coastal?:  I grew up in the Myrtle Beach area and have seen the University grow each year

Why did you come to Coastal?: It was a much more affordable option for me and has enabled me to be debt free.

Favorite professor: Jamie Deitrick, Ph.D.

Favorite class: Kinesiology

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: The small campus aspect where everything is connected and you don't have to travel far between academic buildings and other facilities.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: I get to study in the area that I grew up in so I get to stay close to family and can always visit my home if need be.

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: I am the president of my fraternity (Phi Gamma Delta) so that takes up a lot of my time outside of school.

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I work as an expeditor at the Dead Dog Saloon.

Plans after graduation?:  I will hopefully extend my education in search of my doctorate in exercise science.      

What are your hobbies?: I like to swim, run and read.

Do you have any hidden talents?: I am a pretty decent cook.

Bonus Info: I am the first member of my family to attend a 4-year university.