Hattie Jordan

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Name: Hattie Jordan

Hometown: Conway, S.C.

Year in School: Senior                        

Major: Business Adminstration - Economics

Hattie is a senior.

Hattie's Video

Hattie Jordan uses an eloquent comparison to describe the Coastal Carolina student body. Noting that the physical landscape of campus is open and complimentary of its natural surroundings, she points out the students who attend Coastal are similarly open and laid back, helping to release the “relaxed and accepting vibes” that characterize #TEALnation.

This environment helped lure Hattie back to her hometown. A Conway native, she left the area to attend college elsewhere. Discovering that perhaps the best opportunities existed in her own backyard, Hattie returned to Conway and enrolled at CCU.

“I was very proactive in taking control of my happiness,” Hattie says when describing her big decision to transfer schools.

Take control she did! The contrast between her former institution and that of Coastal could not be overstated. Once a Chanticleer, Hattie was back to believing in herself and the good times started to roll. She took a spring break trip to Italy, joined clubs and became passionate about her field of study. Best of all, she found direction and purpose.

“Coastal has been the place where I have found what I want to do with my future,” Hattie summarizes.

A career in marketing or analytics within the fashion industry is Hattie’s goal, a pursuit that fits her perfectly. When you chat with Hattie in person and observe her vibrant personality and confidence, it becomes apparent that she will make a splash. Make sure to keep an eye on Hattie after she graduates this academic year.


Hattie is studying business administration.
Hattie is from Conway.

Q&A with Hattie

How did you hear about Coastal?: I grew up in Conway, so I have known about and supported the school my entire life!

Why did you come to Coastal?: Subsequent graduating from high school, I made the decision to attend the College of Charleston the following fall. However, I soon discovered that, though I loved the city, I did not enjoy the school, nor living so far away from home. I then decided to move back to Conway and transfer to CCU, and it was the best decision I could have made! I have felt so at home, comfortable and happy at this university; it’s the decision I wish I had made from the get go.

Favorite professor: Dennis Edwards, Ph.D., in the economics department has been my favorite professor at CCU thus far. I have taken two economics classes with him, both of which made be even more passionate about the subject.

Favorite class: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory with Dennis Edwards.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: I very much enjoy the relaxed and accepting vibes emitted from the CCU campus, which are much more refreshing than those observed on other university campuses that I have been on. This is partly due to the physical landscape of the campus, which is open and utilizes its natural surroundings. This openness also mirrors the general attitude of the student body, who tend to be as open and relaxed as the campus itself.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: This area is so appealing to me because it perfectly juxtaposes both nature and the city. This area is in very close proximity to the beach, as well as other nature hotspots such as the river, and Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge. However, I also have endless options when it comes to restaurants, shops, entertainment and nightlife. In most places, residents have to choose between nature and the city. Fortunately, living in Conway means I have access to both of these things.

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: International Club, Economics Club, Student Executive Leaders Program and Beta Gamma Sigma

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I work as an operations assistant at the Caravelle Resort in Myrtle Beach.

Plans after graduation?: Besides visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter directly after graduation, I plan on returning to CCU to pursue my master’s degree in business administration.

What are your hobbies?: I enjoy running, doing yoga, reading, and cooking.

Do you have any hidden talents?: If you hand me a guitar, you’ll discover that I can play it pretty well.

Bonus Info: CCU is such an amazing school, and I cannot wait to continue my education here after I graduate with my undergraduate degree in December! Also, don’t forget to stop and look at the turtles when you cross the bridge from Prince Lawn to Wall; this is something I make sure to do every day I’m on campus.