Jessica Meenaghan

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Name:  Jessica Meenaghan       

Hometown: Fort Mill, S.C.

Year in School: Senior                  

Major:  English

Minor: Digital Culture


Jessica is a senior.


Jessica's Video

Coastal Carolina University benefited from a hang up at another institution combined with some solid SEO of its own to lure Jessica Meenaghan to campus. After her time concluded at a tech school, she looked to transfer to a four-year university. When it turned out that Jessica would have a tough time securing housing at her initial choice, her dad looked to Google for guidance and Coastal Carolina was the first institution that popped up. Jessica became a Chanticleer.

A senior English student, Jessica has enjoyed her time at CCU because of the “connected” vibe she gets each day on campus. Saying that Coastal feels like a family, Jessica and her outgoing personality seem to have really found a home here. Calling herself “the life of the party,” Jessica has had no issues meeting new friends and developing relationships.

Aware that this is her last year as an undergraduate student, Jessica would like to remind everyone that “the work never ends but college does.” Appreciative of her decision to attend Coastal, she is determined to enjoy the rest of her time as a Chanticleer with the same enthusiasm she has displayed since she first set foot on campus. 

Jessica is from Fort Mill, S.C.
Jessica is an English major

Q&A with Jessica

How did you hear about Coastal?: I was all set to go transfer to USC after a tech school, but USC told me that they did not have enough housing for transfer students. So, my dad googled “Colleges in South Carolina,” and Coastal was the first school that came up.

Why did you come to Coastal?: This was a vacation spot for my family. This area reminded me of happy family memories and that encouraged me to create my own happy memories.

Favorite professor: Dr. Tripthi Pillai! She is highly thought provoking.  Everyone taking an English class should at least try to take one of her classes.

Favorite class: Any class with Dr. Tripthi Pillai of course, but this semester, I would say it is digital theory with Dr. Jen Boyle, because the class has challenged me most in my thought process of writing.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: Just how beautiful our campus looks especially during the holiday season.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: Walking down Main Street Conway and checking out the neat shops. The Boathouse is one of my favorite places to go for a good night out.

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?:CCU’s Social Media Club.

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: Maurices in the Tanger Outlets on 501. Come see me, and let me create a wardrobe for you to do a fashion show in!

Plans after graduation?: I will be looking to get a good stable job in at something that I love.

What are your hobbies?: Food enthusiast. Netflix and coffee addict. Nature lover, and boyfriend aggravator (ILY, HRQ.)

Do you have any hidden talents?: I love meeting new people and country line dancing with friends.

Bonus Info: The work never ends but college does. Take advantage of these years, and learn how to come out of your shell. Don’t be afraid to be the most annoying person in class by making connections and asking questions. Coastal has introduced me to some pretty amazing people that are taking the same flight of stairs that I am on, because success doesn't just come on an elevator. Hold the vision, and trust the process.