Kayla Johnson

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Name: Kayla Johnson

Hometown: Moosic, Pa.

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Marine Science                                                                              

Kayla is from Moosic, Pa.

Kayla's Video

Kayla Johnson says she is exploring her options in this early stage of her academic career. The marine science freshman from Moosic, Pa., admits that her career plans changed as recently as last week and that she wouldn’t be surprised if they changed “100 more times” before she graduates. As a first year college student, this game of self-discovery is natural.

Although she has not settled on a definitive career path, Kayla seems set on staying within the realm of marine science. For her, the program has already blown her away.

“Coastal has given me the biggest opportunity to jump right into fieldwork,” Kayla says. “I had the opportunity to go on a boat trip last semester and it was just amazing.”

As passionate about her sorority as she is about the marine science program, Kayla says her favorite moment at CCU was when she became a sister of Tri Sigma. Nervous about meeting people at Coastal, her involvement with Greek Life has given her a large network of friends not even a year into her time on campus.

You can’t forget about Kayla’s other love either. She is very interested in the environment and encourages those around her to reduce their carbon footprint. Starting small is the key to taking accountability, says Kayla. Reusing water bottles and straws is a great place to begin. In the future, Kayla would not be opposed to actively teaching others about the finer points of conservation.

All in all, Kayla is an eager individual striving to do whatever necessary to succeed. She is a person you can depend on.

“I am willing and happy to do everything and anything to the best of my ability,” Kayla adds.

If she keeps that attitude up for the duration of her time at Coastal, our community can expect a major #CCUPositiveImpact from Kayla Johnson.  


Kayla is studying marine science.

Q&A with Kayla

How did you hear about Coastal?: When searching for schools that had programs for my major, Coastal was listed on almost every site I looked at.

Why did you come to Coastal?: I came to Coastal because it is in the perfect location. It is just the right distance from home so I can be on my own but if there is ever an emergency I can return to Moosic. But the main reason I came to Coastal would have to be the year-round opportunities that are offered. I can go on fieldwork trips during both semesters, something that was not possible at schools near my hometown due to snow.

Favorite professor: Dale Quinn. He was my Calculus 1 professor last semester and he is a really funny guy. I highly recommend him! He cares if you understand the material he is teaching. I believe this is important, especially in a math class.

Favorite class: Marine Science Labs and the Plankton 399 course. I love being immersed in hands-on activities because I learn more by doing than just watching.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: Finding a home away from home within my sorority. I was nervous I would not make friends at CCU but that fear proved unfounded. My sorority sisters are more than friends to me.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: I am a big fan of the weather in this area, especially this time of year. Back home, there is currently snow on the ground contrasted beach weather here. I make it a point to check the weather back home and compare it to the Conway forecast if I ever feel like I am cold walking to class. I think to myself I could be in snow right now and it gets a little warmer. I think my tolerance for cold has lessened since I have been here and that kind of makes me nervous. I guess I am just never moving back up North!

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: I am currently the 2019 Panhellenic delegate for Tri Sigma. This position has given me the opportunity as a freshman to make connections throughout the entire Panhellenic community.

Plans after graduation?: Currently I want to go into conservation and focus on the educational aspect of it. I want to inform people of their impact and how they can reduce their footprint. But I am only a freshman so plans might change 100 different times before I graduate. Just last week I wanted to run a business and before that I wanted to be a marine life veterinarian. All I know for sure is that I want to make an impact (no matter how small).

What are your hobbies? I am a professional nap taker. No time is too short to take a nap. I also love to volunteer at different events. I just volunteered as a “buddy” at a Night to Shine. That is a night that I will never forget.

Do you have any hidden talents?: I can say the alphabet backwards.

Bonus Info: One word I use to describe myself would be eager. When I start something I need to finish it by going above and beyond whether it is school work or an event I am planning for my sorority.


Kayla is a freshman.