Kelly McConnaughey

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Name: Kelly McConnaughey                                                                         

Hometown: Woodbridge, Va.

Year in School: Senior                                                                  

Major: Marine Science

Minor: French

Kelly is from Woodbridge, Va.

Kelly's Video

Kelly McConnaughey enrolled at Coastal Carolina University for a specific reason.

With the goal to become a marine biologist, most would argue she could not have chosen a better university. However, her main motivator for originally studying on our campus would probably not be the only reason if she had to make the decision all over again.  

Beaming with pride as she chats about Coastal, Kelly says the community atmosphere is what separates her university from the thousands of others out there. A big fan of Conway, she enjoys the unique restaurants and welcoming feel the area has to offer. Of course the proximity to the ocean is also a point of distinction she highlights, especially since she wants to focus on research diving once she becomes a marine biologist.

But just as Kelly has probably received more than what she thought by becoming a Chanticleer, it is safe to say that Coastal has received more than anticipated from Kelly as well. You see, she is more than just a great student. She also holds down a job with University Recreation where she has established herself as one of the more recognizable faces at the Welcome Desk. Additionally, Kelly works in the Walk2Campus apartment leasing office, a position where she has additional opportunities to help Coastal students. Finally, just the impact she has walking around on campus each day is immeasurable. You see, people who know Kelly say she has a talent for making others smile. By positively engaging with the campus community through a couple different jobs and by drawing smiles from others on a consistent basis, Kelly definitely follows her favorite mantra of Win The Day.             


Kelly is a senior.
Kelly is from Woodbridge, Va.

Q&A with Kelly:

How did you hear about Coastal?: I heard about Coastal when I was searching for colleges that had a marine science program.

Why did you come to Coastal?: I came to Coastal because I always dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. Coastal seemed like the perfect choice for me. It has an extraordinary marine science program that covers all aspects of marine science. 

Favorite professor: My favorite professor would have to be Dr. Erin Burge, whom also happens to be my advisor. He is a great professor that challenges his students to learn. Also, if it was not for Dr. Burge I would never have had the opportunity to take the Ecology of Coral Reefs course that takes place in Discovery Bay, Jamaica.   

Favorite class: My favorite class would have to be MSCI 473, the Biology of Sharks course with Dr. Dan Abel. It is a fun and engaging course that encompasses a lot of hands on experience. 

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: My favorite aspect of Coastal would have to be University Recreation. There is always something fun and engaging that students can participate in whether it be the Coastal Fit Challenge, the Night 5k or any of the numerous activities offered each semester. I also love Jody Davis’s (Director of University Recreation) notion of #Win The Day, it is a great motivator for always being the best you can be every day.  

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: I have two favorite aspects of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area. One would be downtown Conway. It consists of amazing restaurants and shops. If you have not been to Rivertown Bistro I recommend that you go. My second favorite aspect would be the beach. I love the ocean and the fact that Coastal is so close to the beach just makes it ten times more enjoyable.  

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I currently work at the gym located in the HTC center. I also work at the Walk2Campus leasing office.

Plans after graduation?:  My plan after graduation is to attend graduate school to pursue my career as a marine biologist.             

What are your hobbies?: Scuba diving and working out at the gym.

Do you have any hidden talents?: I am great at making others smile.