Kevin Hughes

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Name: Kevin Hughes                                           

Hometown: Wayne, N.J.

Year in School: Senior                                        

Major: Intelligence and National Security

Minor: Political Science

 ‌Kevin is a senior

Kevin's Video

When you look back on the undergraduate career of Kevin Hughes, you will notice a common theme: Excellence. When you think of three of the main components of a well-rounded college experience – academics, extracurricular activities, and community involvement – Kevin has not just dabbled; he has thrived. Let’s take a quick look at what this senior from Wayne, N.J., has accomplished.


Academically, he is golden. Kevin is majoring in intelligence and national security but he has pushed himself to complete a political science minor as well. This past summer he expanded his horizons and studied abroad, traveling to the Republic of Georgia to study at Illia State University.


On the extracurricular side, Kevin has found sweet success. He counts the best moment of his time at Coastal when the CCU Zeta Omega Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order was chartered by the national office. Having served two terms as the chapter’s risk management officer, Kevin is deeply involved with his fraternity, making the national recognition especially rewarding.


But perhaps most impressive of all is Kevin’s involvement within the community. He has interned with various government and law enforcement agencies, including the Horry County Sheriff’s Office. Currently, he is working with a drug enforcement task force. Kevin also has a lengthy resume working with political campaigns, serving some of the most high-profile political figures in the country.


Because of Kevin’s reliability and strong work ethic, he has done very well for himself. However, he knows that Coastal has had a hand in his success as well.


“Coastal is an unbelievably vibrant university,” Kevin begins. “Inside the classroom the learning experience exceeds far further than text books and PowerPoints. I have had the opportunity to make lifelong relationships with both my professors and colleagues that have helped me outside the classroom.”


Kevin Hughes is a name you will want to remember. He has already established himself in some important circles and he hasn’t even graduated college yet. Kevin, we will be watching.


Kevin Hughes is from Wayne, N.J.

Q&A with Kevin

How did you hear about Coastal?: I found out about Coastal while searching for colleges during high school.

Why did you come to Coastal?: I came to Coastal because of the location of the University as well as the coursework offered and the classroom sizes.

Favorite professor: My favorite professor is Richard Kilroy, Ph.D.

Favorite class: My favorite class was Comparative Security Issues.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: My favorite aspect of Coastal is the ability for student to easily engage in clubs, extracurricular activities and organizations.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: My favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area is the opportunities that come along with a developing tourist-oriented community.

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: I was a founding father and appointed to two terms as risk management officer for the Zeta Omega Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order.

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: Yes, off campus with a Drug Enforcement Task Force. I also am a referee for youth football and hockey and work in politics.

Plans after graduation?: After graduation I hope to be serving in a law enforcement capacity.

What are your hobbies?: My hobbies are fishing and hunting when I can find free time.

Do you have any hidden talents?: Yes, my hips don’t lie.

Bonus Info: Since arriving at Coastal, I have been extremely involved with political campaigns on the local, state and federal level. During that time I have climbed the ladder and have been hired to work as a high ranking campaign official for multiple politicians who are currently serving in public office.

Although Conway is not my hometown, over the last four years I have found myself very engaged and connected with many different people across the Grand Strand, the state, and now the country.

I studied abroad at Ilia State University this past summer in Tbilisi and Kazbegi, cities in the Republic of Georgia with CCU students and professors. There we explored the competing security interests and influences of regional powers.


Kevin is studying political science.