Mimi Oliver

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Name:  Mimi Oliver                                                      

Hometown: Springfield, Va.

Year in School: Sophomore                                                        

Major: Marine Science

Social Media Handle: @mimii_oli

                                Mimi is from Springfield, Va.

Mimi's Video

I chose to attend CCU mainly because it was the closest school to my home with a marine science major and because I was offered in-state tuition.

But I am more passionate about the reasons that I chose to return to CCU. When I first arrived, I was anxious to be eight hours away from home and not knowing anyone was a daunting experience. Thankfully, my church group was an amazing support system for me. Even though I had never met any of these people before, they welcomed me with open arms and made me feel loved and valued.

Another organization that embraced me was the club swim team, even though I am not the most talented swimmer! The squad has been so encouraging to me, which is a reason I kept coming back.

Additionally, being the president of the Chanticleer Hall Community Council my freshman year allowed me to see that I had a voice on campus. It was an amazing experience where I got a more introspective look at how things work at CCU, and is one of the main reasons I applied to be a resident adviser!

Mimi is a marine science student.

Meet Mimi

Favorite professor:  Mark Bly, Ph.D., and Till Hanebuth, Ph.D.

Favorite classes: Calculus I, Marine Science 111

Campus Involvement (organizations, activities, etc.): HTC Honors College, Department of Math grader, Coastal Carolina Catholics, CCU club swim team, resident adviser, spin class, and previously involved in Community Council and RHA.

Favorite trait of #CCU: The welcoming environment.

Favorite Netflix series: Gilmore Girls

Favorite charitable cause: HomeWorks of America

Item you would bring to a deserted island: Sunblock

Dream job:  Working to combat coastline erosion.

Favorite Southern food: Sweet potato pie

Motivating factor in life: My faith and my family.

Favorite quote: “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” - Mother Teresa

Bonus Info: I love dogs, going to the beach, playing various instruments and spending time with my friends. Bible study and my friends from my church group are some of my biggest supporters here at Coastal, and are like my second family!

Mimi enjoys sweet potato pie