Morgan Morini

Morgan Morini

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Name: Morgan Morini

Hometown: Foxborough, Mass.

Year in School: Senior

Major: Communication

Minor #1: Marketing

Minor #2: Broadcast Journalism


                                Morgan is set to graduate in December of 2019.

Morgan's Video

Morgan Morini wanted to test herself and see if she could move to the South and make it living far away from home. The answer? A resounding YES! The Boston area native enrolled at CCU after a ringing endorsement from a close friend. But no matter how positive the recommendation, it takes a motivated and strong person to travel to a different part of the country and leave family behind. Luckily, Morgan fits the bill.

“If I had to describe myself in one word, I would say ambitious,” reveals Morgan. “I am definitely a go-getter and I am always up for a challenge.”

Challenges accepted by Morgan during her time at Coastal include undertaking two minors in addition to her communication major and serving as the president of CCU’s Phi Sigma Sigma chapter. Despite her increased academic load, Morgan plans to graduate a semester early next December.

“Coastal has really changed my life and opened a lot of doors for me,” explains Morgan about her time as a Chanticleer.

One door that was always open to begin with was the one that led back home. After she graduates, Morgan wants to return to the city she describes as a “huge love” ­– Boston. It is her plan to live near the people she cares about the most and obtain a real estate license. But before she heads back North, we are happy to welcome Morgan back for one final semester.

Morgan is from Foxborough, Mass.

Q&A with Morgan

How did you hear about Coastal?: I heard about CCU through Kellie Mahoney. She is a friend from home and also a CCU graduate.

Why did you come to Coastal?: I always wanted to go down South and see if I would like being far from home. I also love warm weather.

Favorite professor(s): Sharon Tutrone and Jeanne Stewart

Favorite class: Journalism with Professor Tutrone

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: My favorite aspects of Coastal are the people, the community and the campus. I think our campus is so beautiful.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: My favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area is that there is always something to do. You are never bored and there is always someone to hang out with.

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: I am currently the president of Phi Sigma Sigma and I am part of the Order of Omega National Honors Society and National Society of Leadership & Success.

Plans after graduation?: I am graduating early in December 2019 and plan on moving back to Boston to be close to family and friends. Boston is the best city and my absolute favorite place.

What are your hobbies?: I enjoy hanging out with my sisters, getting iced coffees and going to the beach when I can.

Do you have any hidden talents?: I am good at remembering birthdays!

Morgan is a communication major.