Noah Lamb

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Name: Noah Lamb

Hometown: Greenville, S.C.

Year in School: Senior

Major: Management

Social Media Handle: @nlamb05

                                Noah grew up vacationing in Myrtle Beach.

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I chose to attend Coastal Carolina because of the location of the campus. I grew up vacationing in Myrtle Beach so I was familiar with the area. I saw how much my brother enjoyed his time at CCU so that added to my interest in the school. When it came down to my college decision, my mom told me to choose somewhere that was “home away from home” and Coastal checked that box. My experience up to this point has been nothing short of amazing. From meeting my lifelong friends to gaining professional experience, Coastal Carolina has shaped me into someone that is ready to take on the real world.

Noah describes his CCU experience as

Meet Noah

Favorite professor: Jacob Voegel, Ph.D.

Favorite class: Leading High Performance Teams (MGMT 309)

Campus Involvement (organizations, activities, etc.): Teal Trailblazer (Leadership Team)

Favorite trait of #CCU: Small Campus feel

Favorite Netflix series: Friends

Favorite charitable cause: Humane Society

Item you would bring to a deserted island: A knife

Dream job:  College basketball coach     

Favorite Southern food: Fried chicken

Motivating factor in life: Desire to be the best

Favorite quote:  “You can always become better.” -Tiger Woods

Noah enjoys the small campus feel of CCU.