Tiffani McNeil

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Name: Tiffani McNeil                                                                    

Hometown: Guston, Ky.

Year in School: Sophomore                                        

Major: Marine Science

Social Media Handle: @blondeptv


                                Tiffani is studying marine science

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When looking into colleges with marine science programs, I stumbled across Coastal Carolina University. I was instantly intrigued by all of the opportunities that studying here would give me. I wasn’t able to visit the campus, but I knew that I wanted to make CCU my home. I put all of my chances into just one application to a college that I had never actually visited but had just read about. When I found out that I got accepted, I was incredibly excited. But mixed in with my excitement was a bunch of anxiety.

I spent my whole life in a small Kentucky community, and moving to a place that I have never been to before was very scary. I would be throwing myself into a difficult major in an environment vastly different than I was used to. But the minute I arrived at Coastal I felt very welcomed and I made friends quickly. Before I knew it, CCU turned into the place I felt most at home. Everything about the University worked out well for me; great classes, amazing experiences related to my field of study, lifelong friends, and a gorgeous campus right by the beach.

Tiffani is from Guston, Ky.

Meet Tiffani

Favorite professor: Daniel Ferons is by far the coolest professor I have ever had. He always told really great stories and he really pushed me to try my hardest to ace his annoyingly difficult quizzes.

Campus Involvement (organizations, activities, etc.): As a marine science lab assistant, I spend most of my time in the labs. I basically live in the Science 2 building on campus.

Favorite trait of #CCU: It seems like there is always something taking place on campus. My favorite activities include the plays and musicals presented by the Department of Theatre and the #CCU Farmers Market that takes place on Prince Lawn.

Favorite Netflix series: My absolute favorite show is New Girl! I highly recommend watching it if you’re looking for something unique and funny. The characters are so lovable and often extremely relatable.

Favorite charitable cause: I am all about organizations that make it their goal to clean up the environment, such as the 4ocean company that sells bracelets out of recycled plastic as a way to gain funding to clean up the pollution in the ocean.

Item you would bring to a deserted island: Can I bring my best friend? If I was allowed to choose a person then it would without a doubt be my friend, Mimi. If it had to be an object I would bring a guidebook on how to survive on a deserted island.

Dream job: My goal in life is to become a research scientist that discovers something major and life changing, something that would recognize me in the science world. Even if I discovered an amazing new unknown species and could name it after myself then that would be really cool.

Favorite Southern food: Oh goodness I don’t even know how to decide this. Fresh fried catfish, country fried steak, okra. Basically anything fried actually. My mom makes an amazing homemade chicken pot pie, so that is definitely one of my favorites too.

Motivating factor in life: I just don’t want to be poor and sad when I am older. I want to grow old knowing that I lived life to its fullest and had fun.

Favorite quote:  I know that it is such a simple phrase, but on my arm I have a tattoo that says “It’ll be okay.” Most people have something cool as their favorite quote, but mine is the little reminder on my arm telling me that no matter how crazy life gets, things will be okay.

Tiffani is a sophomore