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CCU adds 24/7 telehealth access from TimelyMD to support students’ medical and mental health needs

August 11, 2021
As part of Coastal Carolina University’s ongoing efforts to prioritize the health and well-being of the campus community, students now have free and immediate access to medical and mental health suppo

As part of Coastal Carolina University’s ongoing efforts to prioritize the health and well-being of the campus community, students now have free and immediate access to medical and mental health support through TimelyMD, the leading telehealth company specializing in higher education.

CCU has long offered in-person health and counseling services for students as well as prevention and education programs around health and wellness through Student Health Services, Counseling Services, and the LiveWell Office. Like many other colleges and universities, COVID-19 accelerated all of these offices’ efforts to begin offering services via telehealth to meet student needs.

TimelyMD offers students a 24/7 extension of campus health and counseling center resources that is as easy and convenient as making a video or phone call. Through the TimelyCare app on their phone or other device, CCU students can now select from a wide-ranging menu of virtual care options from licensed physicians and counselors in all 50 states – at no cost to them and without the hassle of traditional insurance – including:

• On-demand medical care.

• Appointment-based medical care.

• On-demand mental health support (TalkNow).

• Appointment-based mental health counseling.

• Psychiatric support.

• Health coaching.

TimelyCare allows students to see the profiles, faces, and specialty care details of a diverse range of licensed physicians and counselors available to them. They can choose to meet with a specific provider or select the first available. Typical consultations begin within 5-10 minutes – less than the amount of time it takes to walk across campus.

“We are excited about the ways TimelyCare will allow us to enhance our array of clinical and wellness services on campus and allow us to meet students’ needs in ways that are convenient for students, and often in real time,” said Peter Paquette, Ph.D., CCU’s senior associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students. “TimelyCare’s services will also help students’ families rest easier at night knowing CCU is taking care of our students by offering this level of 24/7 care.”

Demand for teletherapy visits skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be high, even as everyday activities resume. Mental health remains the top concern of college and university presidents, and more than 60% of students who have sought mental health support from TimelyMD said they would have done nothing if the service were not available to them.

“Similar to food delivery apps or contactless payment, students might not have tried telehealth before the pandemic, and now they can't imagine life without its ease of use, convenience, and immediacy,” said Luke Hejl, TimelyMD CEO and co-founder. “Studies have shown that one of the best ways to keep students engaged, enrolled, and on track to graduation is to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Through TimelyCare, we are proud to deliver best-in-class virtual care to help Coastal Carolina University students thrive.”

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About TimelyMD

TimelyMD is the leading telehealth provider specializing in higher education. Its mission is to improve the well-being of college students by making virtual medical and mental health care accessible anytime, anywhere. The comprehensive TimelyCare solution optimizes campus resources and supports clinical staff by delivering continuity of care to hundreds of thousands of students at more than 100 colleges and universities. Customizable by school, TimelyCare’s wide-ranging telehealth and teletherapy services – including on-demand and scheduled medical care, on-demand and scheduled mental health counseling, psychiatric support, health coaching, and faculty and staff guidance – are designed to help students thrive in all aspects of their lives. Visit for more information.