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Create Culture Records brings recording contract contest to CCU

February 22, 2022
Marked by its artist wrapped tour bus and Airstream trailer converted into a state-of-the-art recording studio, C2 is on campus conducting their new contest.

Life is about to change for a few aspiring musical artists/performers this semester at Coastal Carolina University. Create Culture (C2) Records, in partnership with the University, is seeking new musical talent in a competitive music contest with the top two winners receiving recording contracts. Marked by its artist wrapped tour bus and Airstream trailer converted into a state-of-the-art recording studio, C2 is on campus conducting their new contest.

“We chose Coastal Carolina for this spring event due to the deep ties C2 has with CCU,” said Phil Oakley, founder and CEO of C2, which is headquartered in Springfield, Va., and also has a recording studio in the Myrtle Beach area. “Simply put, we know there is excellent recording talent here backed by an amazing music program in the [Thomas W. and Robin W.] Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts.”

Started in mid-February, the contest allows students to upload their own work via C2’s proprietary web site, where it will be judged over the course of the semester in competitive rounds. Performances will be graded on popularly with a student vote and tested for marketability with C2’s staff of judges. C2’s professional panel includes music producers, voice coaches, talent agencies, and other entertainment executives.

Uploads can be as simple as a Tik Tok video. Those wishing to enter are encouraged to stop by the branded RV and trailer on campus or visit the contest website. Students and recent alumni (1-2 years post-graduation) are encouraged to compete. The contest is open to all musical genres. Online contest entry will continue through Sunday, Feb. 28. Voting will begin on Monday, March 21, and will take place on social media platforms such as Instagram using a secure link produced by C2 Records.

“It is an exciting time to be on Coastal’s campus, and this C2 recording contest is one more way we are making our community one of inclusion and excitement,” said CCU President Michael T. Benson. “We are hoping for widespread participation as either a contest entrant or as an active voter in the event.”

The contest will start with 16 contestants in elimination rounds. Winners of each round will be promoted via student media and C2. The top two competition winners will receive recording contracts and perform in a live concert with some previous winners on the C2 label on the CCU campus Sunday, April 24, 2022, and will receive cash and prizes.

“We are very excited about this event,” said Easton Selby, associate dean of the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts. “It really gives us a chance to show off what our music programs and our students can do.”

“The music department is excited to collaborate with C2 Records on the recording contest,” said Tim Fischer, associate professor of music. “Students in both our undergraduate commercial music and jazz program and new master’s in music technology program will be participating in the competition as composers, performers, and recording engineers. We in the music department at CCU stress the importance of studying contemporary music styles and production techniques, preparing our students to work successfully in today’s music industry. I believe they are well-trained and will contribute meaningful in this competition, and I am appreciative that C2 Records sought out our students to participate in the event.”

“I believe this will make a great opportunity for musically inclined students at the University,” said Madison Gervasi, a junior communication major. “I have had the opportunity to meet many students who would love to have the ability to show off their unique talents. I look forward to having a chance to enter myself.”

The second of several planned contests, the C2-CCU event is another opportunity for the Create Culture label in discover and promote rising musical talent as well as change some artists’ lives.

Promotion for the C2 event will be aided by sponsorship from the Edward College of Humanities and Fine Arts. The University’s WCCU student radio station and TEAL Nation Communications, a student-run agency, are also assisting. Commercial, online, and student media are expected to cover the contest, profiling the winners and helping others experience the musical talent on CCU’s campus.

“This type of opportunity is unprecedented for student-run media,” said Jeffrey Ranta, faculty advisor for WCCU radio and TEAL Nation Communications. “Our student-run radio station will premiere new songs from the last contest’s winners on air before they are nationally released. Also, TEAL Nation Communications students and C2 interns will see the recording business up close, which is great experience for those aspiring publicists or music producers.”