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CCU Lifetime Giving Recognition

Coastal Carolina University greatly values the generous donations from alumni, faculty, staff, friends, parents, foundations and estates. Without your support, the University would not flourish.

Every gift is appreciated. Donors who have given $10,000 or more to Coastal Carolina University as of Dec. 31, 2018, are listed below under their respective Lifetime Giving Recognition Society Level. Please note total lifetime giving does not include pledges or planned gifts, but only actual funds received.

In addition to receiving membership into the following Lifetime Giving Recognition Societies, each CCU alumnus has also received an Alumni Association Lifetime Membership.

† an acknowledgement of the gift of more than 1,000 acres at Waties Island given for educational and research purposes by the estate of Anne Tilghman Boyce.

Stan Denise Parker


Founders Society


Trustees Society

($5,000,000 - $9,999,999)

Anne Tilghman Boyce*†

TD Bank

Presidents Society

($2,500,000 - $4,999,999)

Mr. Robert H. Brooks* and
Mrs. Tami S. Brooks ’80

Horry Telephone Cooperative

Atheneum Society

($1,000,000 - $2,499,999)

AVX / Kyocera Foundation

Ms. Rebecca Randall Bryan*

Burroughs & Chapin Company Inc.

Citigroup Business Services

Colonel* and Mrs.* Lawrence B. Clark

Mr. Thomas W. Edwards* and Mrs. Robin W. Edwards

General* and Mrs.* James F. Hackler

Mr. Keith C. Hinson ’69, ’71 and Mrs. Dixie W. Hinson ’69

Wendell E.* and Mrs. Lucille C.* Hinson

Mr.* and Mrs.* Raymond Kearns

Mr.* and Mrs.* William A. Kimbel

Dr.* and Mrs.* R. Cathcart Smith

Mr.* and Mrs.* William L. Spadoni

The Bernard Osher Foundation

The E. Craig Wall Sr. and E. Craig Wall Jr. Families

University Society

($500,000 - $999,999)

ARGUS Software Inc.

Mr. James C. Benton Sr.* and Mrs. Emma Ann L. Benton

Citigroup Payment Services

City of Conway

Georgetown Memorial Hospital

Mr.* and Mrs.* A. E. Jackson Jr.

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

Ocean View Memorial Foundation Inc.

Dr. Eldred E. Prince, Sr.* and Mrs. Mildred A. Prince* ‘75, ‘76

Mr. Michael D. Pruitt ’84 and Mrs. Mary S. Pruitt

The Honorable H. Tom Rice Jr. and Mrs. Wrenzie Rice

Santee Cooper

Sparks Toyota

Rick and Susan J. Sparks

Patrick ’95 and Susan D. Sparks

Mr. Kenneth E. Swain

The Clay D. Brittain Jr. Family

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Mr. Horace Tilghman Jr.* and Mrs. Kitty L. Tilghman*

Teal Society

($250,000 - $499,999)

Bank of America

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brown

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Calliham

Mr. B. Chad Casselman ’98

Conway National Bank

Felburn Foundation

Mr. Dalton B. Floyd Jr. and Mrs. Linda B. Floyd ‘75

Gabelli Funds, Mario J. Gabelli, chairman

Mr. Wilbur L. Garland andMrs. Audrey A. Garland ‘80

Mr. Harvey Graham Sr.* and Mrs. Selma M. Graham*

Mrs. Jacie L. Hyatt*

Mr. A. Edward Jackson III ‘70 and Mrs. Sarah P. Jackson

Larry and Marian Lyles

Musco Sports Lighting LLC

Mrs. Novie M. Nelson*

Mr. Joshua R. Norman

OrthoSC (Dr. Richard W. Ward)

Palmetto Chevrolet (Mr. William O. Marsh ‘86 and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Marsh ‘85)

Hayden Blackwell Quattlebaum

Mr. Lindsey H. Vereen* ‘68 andMrs. Vivian E. Vereen

Dr. Deborah A. Vrooman ‘74, ‘79 and Mr. John F. Vrooman

Bronze Society

($100,000 - $249,999)

Mr. Mark R. Adkins ‘89 and Mrs. Janet Adkins

Mr. William N. Adkins ‘89 and Mrs. Lavinia V. Adkins

Mr. William H. Alford ‘77 and Mrs. Dawn S. Alford

Mr.* and Mrs. Neil J. Ammons Jr.

Anonymous (3)

Aramark Campus Services

AT Agency dba Alicia Todd


Mr. Keith A. Benton Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Biggs

Mr. and Mrs. G. David Bishop

Mr. Franklin C. Blanton ‘65 and Mrs. Nancy T. Blanton

Ms. Florence Bouvy*

Dr. Jessie M. Brown and Mr. Thomas P. Brown Jr.

C. L. Benton and Sons Inc.

Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union

Coastal Orthopedic Associates

Conway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc.

Conway Ford Inc.

CresCom Bank

Mr.* and Mrs.* Archie S. Dargan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. DuBard Jr.

Eddie and Cynthia Dyer

Mr.* and Mrs. Henry J. Faison

Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Falk Jr.

Mr. Ronnie A. Gasque ’97

Grand Strand Nissan

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Grant

Mr. Wyatt Henderson ‘98 and Mrs. Stacy H. Henderson

Dr. Hal B. Holmes Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Holmes

Horry County Higher Education Commission

Mr. James J. Johnson ‘56 and Mrs. Emma L. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones

Mr. Charles B. Jordan ‘64 and Mrs. Margaret P. Jordan

R. Blake Kline, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McMillan

Mrs. Jacqueline C. Modzelewski

Richard A. and Helene H. Monaghan Family Foundation

Mr. George E. Mullen and The Honorable Carmen T. Mullen

Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday

Myrtle Beach Hyundai (Mr. Freddie Hyatt)

Mr. Andrew L. Owings Sr.

Mr. Stanley E. Parker ‘83 and Mrs. Denise A. Parker ‘98

Ms. Mildred L. Petrey*

Petri Family Foundation Inc.

Mr. Richard V. Pilosof ‘83

Mr. Clyde W. Port* and Mrs. Florence M. Port*

Mr. Charles E. Reaves* and Mrs. Minnie Catherine Reaves*

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Richardson

Dr. and Mrs. Loring L. Ross

Mr. David W. Sage ‘85 and Mrs. Marla L. Sage

Dr. and Mrs. Subhash C. Saxena

Mr. John Shaffer

Sheriff's Foundation of Horry County

Mr.* and Mrs.* W. F. Sledge

Smith Sapp Bookhout Crumpler & Calliham PA

South State Bank

Mr. and Mrs.* Samuel R. Spann Jr.

Mr.* and Mrs.* Franklin H. Spivey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Spivey

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson B. Springs

Mr. Christopher D. St. John ‘01, ‘09 and Mrs. Heather St. John ‘99

Mr. H. Delan Stevens ‘79 and Mrs. Lynn G. Stevens ‘81

Claudia and Harold Stowe

Dr. Sharon H. Thompson

Tidelands Health

United Community Bank

Mr.* and Mrs. Charles C. Wade

Walmart Foundation

Mr. Thomas D. Ward*

WBTW News 13

Mr. Richard M. Weissman

Wells Fargo Foundation

Westar Energy Foundation

Wild Wing Plantation

Medallion Society

($50,000 - $99,999)

Mr. Samuel F. Adams Jr.*

Mr. Thomas B. Akin

Mr. Lanier Alford

Anderson Brothers Bank


Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Baldridge

Mr. Doug Barnette and Mrs. Teresa R. Barnette ’97

Mrs. Eula Baxter*

Mr. Randy J. Bell ’85 and Mrs. Teresa W. Bell ’85

Bell & Bell Buick GMC Trucks (Mr. William Bell Sr.)

Mr. James C. Benton, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Larry L. Biddle

Mr.* and Mrs.* George J. Bishop III

The Brandon Agency (Mr. Weldon S. Brandon)

Buffalo Wild Wings (Mr. Larry Anderson)

Mr.* and Mrs. William F. Cave

Chick-fil-A at Carolina Forest

Mr. Walter Church Sr.* and Ms. Lori G. Church

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Clayton

Coastal Federal Savings Bank

Mr. Larry D. Coats Jr. ’81, ’83 and Mrs. Suzanne B. Coats

Ms. Doris M. Cole*

Conbraco Industries Inc.

Mr. William F. Connors

Mr. Tony K. Cox ’80 and Mrs. Marilyn A. Cox ’75, ’80

D.L. Scurry Foundation

President and Mrs. David A. DeCenzo

Dell Computer Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Douglas

Mr. Tony M. Ely

First Citizens Bank

Mr. William E. Full

Mr. Randy Gaskins and Mrs. Leigh Anne Gaskins ’98

Dr. and Mrs. Wharton Gaul

Georgetown County Visitors Bureau

Dr.* and Mrs.* John D. Gilland Jr.

Dr.* and Mrs. Louis H. Gilles

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Godwin

Grand Strand Auxiliary

Grand Strand Chapter of SC Association of CPAs

Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hadwin

Hampton Inn

Mr. Charles A. Hinson ’75 and Mrs. Kathy H. Hinson

Mr. Charles J. Hodge, Esq.

Mr. Luther H. Hodges Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. William F. Holliday

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Holt Jr.

Horry Electric Cooperative

Mr. Lee F. Horton III ’10 and Mrs. Jennifer S. Horton

HSH Journalism Foundation Inc. (Mr. Armstrong Williams)

Mrs. Julia Vann Bridger Hussey*

Mr. Jody C. Hyden ’88 and Mrs. Eleanor L. Hyden

CCU President Emeritus Ronald R. Ingle and Mrs. Judith Ingle

Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd.

International Paper Company Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Isaac Jr.

Dr. Joe N. Jarrett and Mrs. Nancy Z. Jarrett ’92

Jim Caudle Memorial Foundation (Mrs. Katharine C. McManus)

Mr. Dustin H. Johnson

K & W Cafeterias

Dr.* and Mrs. James F. Kane

King Construction Services Inc. (Mr. Paul M. King II)

Mr. Thomas O. Loehr ’80 and Mrs. Rossana V. Loehr

Logan’s Roadhouse (Mr. Charles McWhorter)

Mr. William D. Long and Mrs. Frances C. Long

Mr. and Mrs.* Donald W. Mabe, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Olindo A. Malizia

Mrs. James M. Marshall*

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Martin

Martin’s PGA Tour Superstore

Dr. Timothy E. Meacham ’79 and Mrs. Joan B. Meacham

Mr. Porter N. Medley III ’99 and Mrs. Chrystal J. Medley

Mr.* and Mrs. L. Henry Mense

Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association

Myrtle Beach Chevrolet (Mr. Luis A. Rodriguez)

Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

Papa John’s Pizza

Pecknel Music Company

Mr.* and Mrs. Joseph T. Pegram

Pepsi Bottling Ventures

Mr. Coley B. Prather* and Mrs. Frances C. Prather*

Dr. Eldred E. Prince Jr. and Mrs. Sallye Prince ’75

Dr.* and Mrs. Edward L. Proctor Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Quinn

Dr. Michael H. and Mary Jo Roberts

Russell Brands LLC

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Sanders

Mr.* and Mrs.* George H. Sanderson

Select Physical Therapy

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mack Singleton

Mr.* and Mrs.* R. Grant Singleton Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Smith III

Mr. James R. Smith ’97 and Mrs. Sally B. Smith

South Atlantic Bank

Stanton Media Group (Mr. William E. Stanton)

State Farm Companies Foundation

Strategic Marketing Inc. (Mr. Chip Smith)

Team Detroit as Agent for Carolina FDAF

The Bellamy Law Firm (Mr. Howell V. Bellamy)

The Boeing Company

The John E. Fetzer Institute Inc.

The Parker Family

Clark ‘77 and Marcia Parker ‘78

David ‘80 and Wendy Parker

Patrick ‘84 and Lucinda Parker

Christopher ‘78 and Kim Parker

Wade Parker

Mr. and Mrs. M. Lance Thompson

Mr. Edward R. Tkacz ’01

Mr. Nick Tucker*

Mr. and Mrs. A. Wayne Vereen

Verizon Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Wade

Mr. Hubert C. Watson*

WCI Management Group Inc. (Mr. G. David Bishop)

Mr. Joseph C. West ’70, ’79 and Mrs. Patricia C. West ’86, ’91

Mrs. Kathleen B. Workman*

World Tour Golf Links

WPDE NewsChannel 15

Chaucer Society

($25,000 - $49,999)

Addy’s Harbor Dodge (Mr. Michael S. Addy)

Agape Community Hospice of the Grand Strand

Mr. James B. Anderson* and Mrs. Dorothy K. Anderson*

Anonymous (2)

B and B Restaurants of South Carolina dba Eggs Up Grill (Mr. Danny Bonar)

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. James O. Baldwin Jr.

Bank of North Carolina

Dr. Peter B. Barr and Dr. Elizabeth K. Barr

Mr.* and Mrs. Harry G. Bates III

Colonel* and Mrs.* William J. Baxley Jr.

Beach Automotive Group

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Beattie

Belk Foundation

Mr. E. Lawton Benton and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Benton

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest B. Beverly

Blackwater LLC

Mr.* and Mrs.* James P. Blanton

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Bolton

Mr.* and Mrs. Dale L. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bryant Sr.

Dr. T. Brian Bunton

Buonasera Media Services LLC (Ms. Teri C. Buonasera)

Burr Forman McNair

Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles W. Byers

Caravelle Resort Group

Carolina Opry

Charles Koch Foundation

Chernoff Newman

Dr. Janis W. Chesson and Mr. Murry G. Chesson

Chicora Development

Chicora Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach

Mr. Mark W. Clark

Coastal Concert Association Inc.

Coastal Network Cooperative

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated

Ms. Jacquelynn (Gina) E. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Scott DeHollander

Mr. James M. Devers Jr.* and Mrs. Sarah N. Devers*

Dick’s Last Resort of Myrtle Beach Inc.

Professor James F. Eason ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. East Jr.

Dr.* and Mrs.* Joseph K. East Sr.

Eaton Family Trust

Edward Bullock Golf Tournament

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ellis

Dr. Robert C. Elvington* ‘69, ‘78 and Mrs. Linda W. Elvington

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ennis

Dr. Robert J. Farrar

Federacio Catalana de Golf

Field Insurance Agency (Mr. Brian A. Payne ‘05)

Food Lion

Freedom Boat Club

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Frink

Mr. Johnny Gardner ‘85, ‘92 and Mrs. Paula P. Gardner

Dr. Paul T. Gayes and Ms. Agatha A. O'Brien-Gayes

Georgetown Baptist Historical Society

Mr. Gary R. Gilmore ‘80, ‘87 and Mrs. Cathy V. Gilmore ‘81, ‘08

Goldfinch Funeral Services (Mr. George H. Goldfinch Jr.)

Dr. James F. Graham and Mrs. Annette B. Graham ‘91

Graham Golf Cars Inc.

Great Plains Software

Mr. Mark L. Griggs

Mr. Christopher L. Hanna ‘92 and Mrs. Natasha M. Hanna ‘94

Mr. Todd R. Helf ‘82 and Mrs. Connie Helf

Dr. Fred W. Hicks III

Hilton Garden Inn

Mr. David Hoffman ‘88 and Mrs. Homeira Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Drayton R. Honeycutt

Ms. Celia H. Hopkins*

Horry County Treasurer

Icelandic Whales Alumni Association

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Isenberg

J. W. Holliday Family

The Honorable and Mrs. John W. Jenrette Jr.

Jewish Community Federation (Mr. Mark Reisbaum)

Mr. Christopher M. Johnson

Mr. Henry M. Jones*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Jones III

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Kaiser Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George Karukas

Kelly, Scott & Madison Inc. (Jimmy John’s)

Mr. Randy Lee ‘76 and Mrs. Anita R. Lee

LeRoy and Dianne LeMaster

Mr. and Mrs. Shaul M. Levy

Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilson Lowery Jr.

Mr. Christopher E. MacDonald and Mrs. Tanya P. MacDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Jay I. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. McInnis Jr.

Mercom Corporation

Metglas® Inc.

Mr.* and Mrs.* Omer E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Moglia-Cannon

Monarch Ventures

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. R. Moore Sr.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans LP

Mr. and Mrs. Skeeter Nash

National Bank of South Carolina

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Nesselroad

Next Media Outdoor

Mr. Jerrett L. Oates Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. William O’Connor

Organizational Behavior Teaching Society

Mr. Robert W. Page ‘87 and Mrs. Glenda L. Page ‘83

Mr. Clark B. Parker ‘77 and Mrs. Marcia W. Parker ‘78

Mrs. Lucille V. Pate*

Mr. Larry W. Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Phelan

Pi Kappa Phi Eta Pi Alumni Chapter

Delton W. Powers Jr.

Mr. R. Scott Pyle and Dr. Pamela S. Pyle

Quality Health Care Services Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Queener

The Quinn Family Foundation Inc. (Mr. Michael L. Quinn)

Rhode Island Police Officers Emerald Society Inc.

Mrs. Mildred Richbourg*

Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach

Ruby M. Forsythe Scholarship

Mike and Carrie Ryhal

Sandbro Investments

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sauerbrey

Mr. and Mrs.* Billie E. Shelley

Dr. and Mrs. Ed Shelley

Sherwin Williams

Shultz Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin H. Shuman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Silipigni

Mr. Daniel P. Sine ‘01 and Mrs. Michelle P. Sine

Mr. and Mrs. Joey F. Singleton

Dr.* and Mrs. Edward M. Singleton

Mr. and Mrs. Joey F. Singleton

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Smith

Mr. Malcolm E. Smith ‘81 and Mrs. Jennifer J. Smith ‘87

Solicitor’s Intervention Programs

South Carolina Pipeline Corporation

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Squatriglia

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stewart Jr.

Ms. Jessica M. Stocker ‘16

Mr. and Mrs. Jackie L. Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. Redge C. Swing

Tanger Properties LP (Mr. Steven B. Tanger)

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Teal Jr.

The Gerald & Joan Colangelo Family Trust

The Haberdashery of Conway Inc. (Mr. Russell F. Fowler ‘78 and Mr. William T. Pickens)

Mr. Tyler B. Thigpen ‘06 and Mrs. Whitney Thigpen

Mr. John R. Thomas III

Mr. Joseph F. Thomas* and Mrs. Martha Thomas* ‘74

Mr.* and Mrs.* John C. Thompson

Colonel Charles M. Thrash and Mrs. Donnita J. Thrash

Time Warner Cable

U.S. Foodservice

Under Armour

University Village at the Coast

US Trust/Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Vacation Myrtle Beach

Vickerman Company

Waccamaw Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Kenan S. Walker

Mr. Charles L. Watson* ‘67 and Mrs. Ellenor G. Watson

Wayland H. Cato Jr. Foundation Inc.

West Star Company Inc. (Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Christie)

Mr. T. Wayne White Jr. ‘92 and Mrs. Lori M. White ‘91

Mr. Benjamin R. Williams

Colonel and Mrs. W. Stovall Witte Jr.

Mr. William E. Witter * ‘76 and Mrs. Shirley K. Witter

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Wooten

Dr. Louis D. Wright Jr.

Mr. J. Terry Yandle Sr.

Chanticleer Society

($10,000 - $24,999)


Adams Outdoor Advertising of South Carolina

Airport Properties

Allstate Foundation

Anonymous (7)

Ansal Institute of Technology

Mr. James W. Apple Jr. and Mrs. Denise M. Apple ‘13

Associates Corporation of North America

Mr. Robert E. Atkinson III ‘83

Baiden and Associates Inc.

Mr. and Mrs.* Eddie Bailey

Dr. and Mrs. Wade K. Baird

Mr. Frederick A. Ballard and Mrs. Tamera J. Ballard ‘02

Mr. Edward J. Barker Jr. ‘92 and Crystal L. Barker ‘93

Mr. and Mrs. Payne H. Barnette Jr.

Bass Player Magazine

Mr. Dwayne M. Beam and Mrs. Stacey L. Beam

Alan W. and Sarah Singleton Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Becker

Beef O'Brady’s

Mr. Lloyd B. Bell* and Mrs. Sylvia L. Bell*

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bennett

Mr. and Mrs.* James E. Bennett Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Bennett

Ms. Claudia L. Berner

Mr.* and Mrs. Walter T. Berner Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Biddle

Mr. Robert J. Bird ‘02 and Mrs. Paige E. Bird ‘02

John and Mary Kendall Bittle

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Bonstein

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Boswell

Dr. Gerald V. Boyles and Mrs. Ellen N. Boyles ‘81, ‘88

Mr. David Brady and Mrs. Latoshia S. Brady ‘09

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Brame

Brittain Resort Management LLC

Mr.* and Mrs. R. Duke Brown

Mr. Timothy S. Brumfield ‘95

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bryant

Ms. Nancy B. Burgen

Mr. H. Franklin Burroughs* ‘84, ‘87 and Mrs. Carol B. Burroughs ‘82

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Burroughs Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. J. Ralph Byington

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Calandrelli

Mr.* and Mrs. James A. Calhoun III

Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Callihan

Mr.* and Mrs. Mack N. Carroll Sr.

Caterpillar Foundation

Century 21 McAlpine Associates Inc.

Chapin Company

Mr. Joshua M. Chesson

Chick-fil-A - Church Street, Conway (Mr. Paul Alverson)

Clark Foundation

The Honorable Raymond E. Cleary and Mrs. Cleary

Mr. Robert M. Clinger III ‘00

Coastal Carolina National Bank

Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors Inc.

Coastal Ridge

Coastal Uncorked Inc.

Mrs. Juli S. Coggeshall ‘79

College Transition Connection Inc.

Mr. Gregory Collins and Mrs. Staci Collins

Dr. Wm. Chad Colson and Dr. Jill W. Colson

Mr. Glenn Colvard* and Mrs. Sue Colvard ‘65, ‘80

Comfort Suites

Dr. Deborah K. Conner and Mr. Tracy B. Conner

Conway Medical Center

Mr. Halbert R. Costin and Mrs. Eleanor L. Costin ‘95

Country Inn & Suites

Mr. W. Pressley Courtney ‘93 and Mrs. Jennifer A. Courtney ‘93

Cowabunga Three Inc. dba Domino’s Pizza

Mrs. Carolyn G. Cox*

Mr.* and Mrs. Ned W. Cox

Mr. Randall F. Cox ‘72, ‘74, ‘84 and Mrs. Brenda M. Cox ‘74, ‘76

Creel Oil & Gas Company

Mr.* and Mrs.* Phillip J. Cudone

Dr. Oliver W. Cummings and Dr. Corenna C. Cummings

D. R. Horton Inc.

Daimler Buses North America

Mr. Graeme W. Dalzell* and Mrs. Eliza S. Dalzell

Dr. L. Taylor Damonte and Dr. Darla J. Domke-Damonte

Daniel - Mickel Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Dannelly

Ms. Nancy L. Davis

Mr. David C. DeKleva ‘92

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Deloache III

Mr. Charles C. Dickinson

Domino’s Pizza

Mr. Mark J. Doran and Ms. Stella M. Mercado

Mr. William A. Douglas* ‘83 and Mrs. Phyllis W. Douglas

Drunken Jack’s Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dugosh

Mr.* and Mrs.* Willis J. Duncan III

Duncan, Farmer, Munden, McIlrath & Cobb CPA, PA

Dunes Village Resort

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Durrett Jr.

Mr. David H. Eaton

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Edwards

Mr. Robert D. Edwards and Mrs. Jennifer A. Edwards ‘04, ‘07

Elliott Davis LLC

Elliott Davis Decosimo LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ellis

Elsie Beavers Carver and E. Lois Carver Educational Fund

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Eta Pi Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Evans

Mr. Greg Everett

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Felty Jr.

Mr. Ryan T. Fisher ‘98 and Mrs. Rozina K. Fisher

Mr.* and Mrs.* Eugene C. Floyd

FLW Outdoors

Mr. Jason R. Flynt ‘06

Follett Higher Education Group

Mr. Thomas G. Fox and Mrs. Lynn H. Fox ‘03

Dr. Linda P. Fry

G & S Investments LLC (Mr. Eric C. Gibson and Mr. Kevin C. Snow ‘96)

Mr. Roman Gabriel Jr.

Mr. John K. Gardner ‘84, ‘90 and Mrs. Carol Ann R. Gardner ‘83

Mr. Joseph C. Garrell* and Mrs. Kathy S. Foxworth-Garrell

Dr.* and Mrs. Keith E. Gawith

Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

George Family Foundation

Georgetown Steel Corporation

Mr. Michael C. Gerald and Mrs. Monnie W. Gerald ‘77

Mr. M. C. Gibson*

Mr. Neal S. Gielstra ‘91 and Mrs. Marta T. Gielstra

Gilbane Development Company

Golf Dimensions (Mr. Robert L. Smith Jr.)

Graham Sports Inc. (Ms. Robyn Graham)

Grand Strand Magazine

Grand Strand Surfrider Foundation

The Honorable W. Wayne Gray and Mrs. Sherri A. Gray ‘92

Mr. Pete Green ‘00 and Mrs. Jaime Green ‘03

Gulfstream Communications

Mr. Kevin M. Hagen ‘01 and Mrs. Leanne S. Hagen

Dr. Susan J. Slavik and Mr. Eric M. Hall

Mr. Craig L. Hardee ‘99 and Mrs. Richelle K. Hardee ‘01

Mr. Nelson L. Hardwick and Mrs. Martina L. Hardwick

Mr. Timothy S. Harrelson ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Harrington

Harrington Construction Company Inc.

The Honorable C. Alex Harvin III* ‘69 and The Honorable Cathy B. Harvin*

Mr. Hazel H. Hatchell* and Mrs. Claudette Hatchell

Ms. Stephanie A. Hatchell ‘91

Hemingway Motors

Dr. James D. Henderson and Dr. Linda R. Henderson

The Honorable Andy E. Hendrick ‘73 and Mrs. Judy H. Hendrick

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Herndon

Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort

Holbert & Holbert Professional Services

Dr. Sally M. Horner

Horry Cultural Arts Council Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Jon C. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Hoyns

Mr. and Mrs. Eckart O. Hubner

Mr. J. Scott Hucks ‘04

Mr. Roger D. Hudgins Jr. ‘04 and Mrs. Lori V. Hudgins ‘00, ‘09

Mr. Dean P. Hudson ‘80, ‘11 and Mrs. Patricia F. Hudson ‘79

Dr. and Mrs. Frank F. Humbles

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Idoux

Mr. and Mrs. Glen T. Insley

Intersport Inc.

Dr. Steven and Joey Lynn Jachec

Mr. James R. Jayroe Jr. ‘83 and Mrs. Joyce Jayroe

Mr. and Mrs.* E. W. Jerdon

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Jones Jr.

Mr. McKenzie R. Jordan ‘00 and Mrs. Jennifer C. Jordan ‘96

Dr. Charles W. Joyner* and Mrs. Jean D. Joyner

Jud Kuhn Chevrolet

Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Kadlec

Mr. Stephen B. Kahn ‘88 and Mrs. Shai L. Kahn ‘87

Mr. James C. Kearns and Mrs. Ruth S. Kearns ‘68

Dr. J. Kay Keels

The Honorable Mark S. Kelley and Mrs. Lisa M. Kelley

Mr. Karl G. Kempf*

Mr.* and Mrs. Paul M. King

Mr. Mark A. Kiskunas ‘96 and Mrs. Jennifer Kiskunas

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Krippel

Lakewood Camping Resort Inc.

Tim and BJ Landrum

The Honorable and Mrs. Mark K. Lazarus

The Honorable and Mrs.* Gary M. Loftus

Mr. and Mrs. C. Neil LyerlyMac’s Masonry Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Magrath Jr.

Mr.* and Mrs. George N. Magrath Sr.

Mancill Inc. (Mr. Richard E. Mancill III)

Mary Alice Morris Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Mr. Richard M. Matthews III ‘02 and Mrs. Jennifer W. Matthews

Mr. Steven G. Mays ‘94 and Mrs. Christina M. Mays ‘99

Mr. and Mrs. E. Windell McCrackin

Mr. John B. McCutcheon Sr.*

Dr. Lauchlan McKay and Mrs. Dianne Smith McKay

McWaters Inc. (Columbia)

Mr. Carl W. Meares Jr.

Jeff and Susan Mense

Miller Direct Inc.

Miller-Motte Technical College

Mobil Foundation Inc.

Ms. Beverly C. Moore

Mr. Wayne Morris

Dr. Victoria E. Moshoures ‘87

Mr. A. W. Moss

Murrells Inlet 2020 Inc.

Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association

Myrtle Beach Automotive (Mr. Wallis Higginbotham)

Myrtle Beach Marathon

Myrtle Beach Mitsubishi

Myrtle Beach Woman's Club

Dr. Stephen J. Nagle and Dr. Sara L. Sanders

Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Nale

Nationwide Insurance

Nebraska Book Company

Mr. Fred B. Newby Sr. ‘69 and Mrs. Cheryl M. Newby

Newman’s Own Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. J. Wade Nichols

Omicron Delta Kappa

Mr. and Mrs.* Charles A. O’Neal

Mr. Stephan C. Ouverson and Ms. Stephanie Van Pelt

Mr. B. Durwood Owens Jr. ‘74 and Mrs. Connie R. Owens ‘86

P & C Properties Inc.

Palmetto Brick Company (Waccamaw Brick)

Palmetto Corporation (Mr. A. Shawn Godwin)

Pan American Resort

Mr. Ralph Panzrino

Mr. Adam J. Parness

PGA Foundation Inc.

Plantation Federal Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Presser

Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Proctor Jr.

Mr. Lee Prosser and Mrs. Nicole Prosser


Prudential Financial

Quality Pools & Spas

Mr. Eric E. Quimby ‘04

Mr. Robert L. Rabon ‘73

Mr. J. Charley Ray ‘69, ‘85 and Mrs. Dianne W. Ray

Mr. Robert W. Reeves*

Mr. Jason M. Repak ‘07 and Mrs. Brandy Repak

Richardson & Richardson Inc.

Mr. Mark A. Roach ‘84 and Mrs. Mary Beth Roach

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Rosner

Cary and Wanda Rowell

Ms. Leslie Russo

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald L. Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sansbury

Santee - Lynches Regional Council of Governments

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Sasser

Saverance Family Auto (Mr. Charles Saverance)

Mr. Gerhard P. Schuck-Kolben*

Seacor Inc. (Mr. Bill Seay)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sheehan

Sheriar Press Inc.

Mr. Lee and Mrs. Jennifer Shinaberger

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Shull

Mr. Melvin L. Shultz

Mr. Gene Singleton ‘84 and Mrs. Rhonda W. Singleton ‘85, ‘88

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Sisney

Dr. Kenneth W. Small Jr. ‘97 and Dr. Erika E. Small

Smiles @ Carolina Forest

Dr. Ellison M. Smith and Dr. Raffia E. Smith

Mr.* and Mrs.* C. Foster Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Smith

Mr.* and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Sr.

Mr. James P. Smyth

Sonoco Products Company

South Carolina Humanities

Dick and Bette Jayne Spinney

Mr. Eugene C. Spivey '91 and Mrs. Leighann W. Spivey '01

Spivey Family Foundation Inc.

Staybridge Suites

Sterling Homes (Mr. D. Clinch Heyward and Mr. Glen W. Hall)

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Stevens

Strand Development Company LLC (Mr. John W. Pharr)

Mrs. Janet E. Straub

Dr. Darin V. Sutton ‘90 and Mrs. Melissa L. Sutton ‘91

Suzanne Evans Coaching LLC

Dr. Samuel J. Swad ‘86 and Mrs. Libby W. Swad

Sweet Frog - Myrtle Beach

Mr. Frank A. Talotta ‘84 and Mrs. Angela Talotta

Mr. R. Allen Terrell

The Breakers Resort

The H. and R. Feinberg Family Foundation

Barry and Pat Thigpen

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Thomas

Mr.* and Mrs. Zeb M. Thomas Sr.

Mr.* and Mrs. Buddy R. Thompson Jr.

Mr.* and Mrs.* Philip A. Thompson

Mr. Larry C. Timbes and Mrs. Rita F. Timbes* ‘81


Mr. Thomas M. Towns Jr. ‘78 and Mrs. Linda Towns

Dr. Nicholas W. Twigg

UBS Financial Services Inc.

University Loft Company


Varsity Spirit (Mr. Jeffery G. Webb)

Waccamaw Brick

Waccamaw Clay Products Company Inc. (Mr. G. David Bishop)

Dr. Yoav Wachsman

Waste Management

Watkins Services Inc. (Mr. Steven W. Watkins Sr.*)

Mr.* and Mrs.* James W. Webb Jr.



Mr. and Mrs. William J. White

Mr. Jeff C. Whittington

Mr.* and Mrs.* D. Arthur Williams

Ms. Jaida Williams

Mr.* and Mrs. Roger Williams

Mr. Timothy S. Wilson and Mrs. Amy H. Wilson

Dr. Dennis G. Wiseman and Mrs. Susan J. Wiseman


Worsley Company

Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Yahnis Coastal Inc. (Mr. Byron Yahnis and Mr. James C. Yahnis)

Mr. Dale C. Zeglin ‘84 and Mrs. Donna Zeglin

Coastal Legacy Society

(Any donor who has established a planned gift to Coastal Carolina University receives membership into the Coastal Legacy Society.)

Anonymous (7)

Dr. Peter B. Barr and Dr. Elizabeth K. Barr

Colonel* and Mrs.* William J. Baxley Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Larry L. Biddle

Elizabeth Reyns Borkowski

Dr. T. Brian Bunton

Colonel* and Mrs.* Lawrence B. Clark

Mr. Glenn Colvard* and Mrs. Sue Colvard ‘65, ‘80

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DiLeo

Professor James F. Eason ’70

Mr. Dalton B. Floyd Jr. and Mrs. Linda B. Floyd ‘75

Dr.* and Mrs. Louis H. Gilles

Dr. Mary M. Gunn

Mr. Robert J. Gutterman

Mr. Luther H. Hodges Jr.

Dr. Hal B. Holmes Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Holmes

CCU President Emeritus Ronald R. Ingle and Mrs. Judith Ingle

Kent H. Jensen

Chris and Tim Martin

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Morken

Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Munden

Debra S. and Donald W. Mundie

Mr. Edward W. Prince III ‘80 and Mrs. Joanna Prince

Mr. J. Charley Ray ‘69, ‘85 and Mrs. Dianne W. Ray

Mr. Charles E. Reaves* and Mrs. Minnie Catherine Reaves*

Ms. Lisa H. Rogers

Dr. and Mrs. Loring L. Ross

Carl H. Schwartzkopf

Mr. Christopher D. St. John ‘01, ‘09 and Mrs. Heather St. John ‘99

Mr. H. Delan Stevens ‘79 and Mrs. Lynn G. Stevens* ‘81

Claudia and Harold Stowe

Mr. Kenneth E. Swain

Mr.* and Mrs.* John C. Thompson

Ken and Lesley Trinkley

Mr. and Mrs. Kenan S. Walker

Mr. E. Craig Wall Jr.* and Mrs. Judith A. Wall

Mr. Thomas D. Ward*

Callie and Wyman Wise

Dr. Dennis G. Wiseman and Mrs. Susan J. Wiseman

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this listing, errors or omissions are possible. We appreciate your assistance in reporting discrepancies to Stovall Witte Jr., CEO of the Coastal Educational Foundation, at 843.349.2194 or

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