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CeTEAL Staff

Jeniffer Marshall Shinaberger
Jenn Shinaberger
Director | Kearns 215E | 843-349-2737 |
Jenn Shinaberger has been in the field of faculty development for over 15 years. Contact her for help with instructional coaching, classroom observations, classroom assessment, curriculum mapping, and course design. She can also assist with writing teaching narratives, documenting teaching effectiveness, writing scholarly articles and the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Jean K. Bennett
Jean K. Bennett
Assistant Director | Kearns 215D | 843-349-2481 |
Jean has been in the field of education for over 30 years and specifically working with faculty for the past 20. She enjoys working with faculty one-on-one, providing ideas through brainstorming sessions, to help facilitate “aha” moments. Whether it is for your face-to-face, hybrid or online course, Jean will guide you through your questions and you will leave with results to implement in your teaching.
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Tracy Gaskin
Faculty Development Program Coordinator | Kearns 211H | 843-349-2790 |
Tracy has worked with faculty to develop online courses for 20 years. She can assist with all aspects of online course design. Tracy is the contact for scheduling sessions through CeTEAL. Contact her if you would like to present a session, schedule a session for your department, or suggest a new topic. Tracy is the contact for the CeTEAL newsletter.
Matthew Tyler
Matthew C. Tyler
Instructional Designer & Technologist | Kearns 215A | 843-349-2951 |
Matthew is a proud alumnus of CCU, where he completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees. You may contact him regarding online course design, instructional design, instructional coaching, Microsoft Education (Office 365) products, and the integration of educational technology into face-to-face and online courses. He also serves as a nationally certified Quality Matters (QM) Master Reviewer for Online & Hybrid Courses as well a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator and Trainer to keep abreast of current research and trends in the fields of instructional design and edtech.
George Warriner III image
George H. Warriner III
Instructional Technology Trainer | Kearns 211C | 843-349-2383 |
George is a proud alumnus of CCU, completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees. You can contact him for assistance with a variety of instructional technology tools such as Camtasia, Adobe CC, Echo360, Office365 applications, along with other technology applications to support instruction. He assists with the development and application of best practices of learning objects, audio and video recordings in conjunction with overall course design.
Elif N. Gokbel
Elif N. Gokbel
Instructional Designer & Technologist | Kearns 215B | 843-349-2351 |
Elif is a doctoral candidate in the Instructional Technology and Leadership program at Duquesne University. You can contact her for assistance with the integration of educational technology in traditional, hybrid, and online courses to enhance student learning. She can assist teaching professionals in STEM fields to support the effective integration of research-based practices into their teaching. She can also help quantitative research design and the use of technologies to foster scholarly productivity including but not limited to SPSS, Mendeley, and OneNote.
Gail Sneyers
Gail Sneyers
Administrative Specialist | Kearns 215 | 843-349-2353 |
Gail has been providing administrative support to CeTEAL since 2013. She can direct you to the CeTEAL staff member who can best address your needs. If you are participating in one of our certificate programs, Gail can keep you updated on your progress.

About our staff

Our highly competent staff specializes in listening to your needs and helping you develop technology-enhanced solutions for your classroom and work environment. We make technology approachable. You will find our staff to be friendly, flexible, and highly committed to your success with technology.

The CeTEAL staff can assist you with:

  • Distance Learning course (re)design, planning, and training Institute
  • Pedagogies for face-to-face, hybrid, and online learning
  • Individual and group training and consultation for instructional technologies
  • Demonstration of teaching strategies that integrate technology
  • Provision and development of instructional materials and resources
  • Review of emerging instructional technologies to meet faculty/staff needs