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Jenn Shinaberger Signature Pedagogies Program Supports Examination of Teaching Practices

Jenn Shinaberger, director, CeTEAL

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Brett Simpson Impact of a No Exam Implementation on Student Success in a General Chemistry Course

Brett Simpson; associate professor of chemistry; Gupta College of Science

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Adriane Sheffield Applying a Cultural Lens to the Study of Development

Adriane Sheffield; assistant professor; foundations, curriculum, and instruction; Spadoni College of Education

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Heather Hagan Impact of Peer Review on Pre-Service Teachers’ Lesson Planning

Heather Hagan; assistant professor of foundations, curriculum, and instruction, Spadoni College of Education

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Lee Shinaberger The Impact of GAISE Recommendations on Statistical Reasoning

Lee Shinaberger; senior lecturer of management and decision sciences; Wall College of Business

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Ina Seethaler Women and Allies in Action: Pedagogical Approaches to Instill an Activist Mindset

Ina Seethaler; assistant professor/director of women’s and gender studies; HTC Honors College and Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

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