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Excuse Me While I Brag about the M.A.T. Students

Suzanne Horn, associate professor; graduate and specialty studies; Spadoni College of Education

Suzanne Horn

Certainly we are facing an unprecedented time. You are probably tired of being reminded of this. We are faced with uncertainty, bad news when you turn on the TV, and bad news in meetings. This is a stressful time for us all. As one who runs her life by a color-coded calendar and scheduled to-do list, this working from home, home schooling kids, caring for my mom, and no routine has been a challenge indeed! However, I tend to be a glass-is-half-full kind of gal so by my nature, I try to find things to be happy and excited about.

This brings me to my purpose of writing this article: to brag about what our Master of Arts in Teaching students are doing right now in their student teaching. As a part of their program, students learn skills like creating web quests, using brainstorming programs like Padlet, creating online lecturing with Prezi or PowerPoint, creating tutoring units online with formative assessments, and organizing programs like Blend Space/TES. The point of learning these skills is to help our students understand and be capable of using technology to conduct blended learning or create online tutoring opportunities for students who have access to technology and cannot stay after school for live tutoring. Because one-third of our program is hybrid, students spend time online working in groups and participating in discussions.

These lessons set up our students to be able to work with their cooperating teachers to help create lectures, discussions, and online activities for students. I am so proud of their resilience and hard work. Their student teaching has been turned upside down. However, these students have dug in and remained flexible and creative. They have not complained that their student-teacher experience has changed. They have rolled with the issues at hand. For this reason, I had to take a moment and share how well these students are representing Coastal Carolina University out in the schools and with parents and students in our community. Our future teachers are just as courageous, hardworking, and dedicated as our current teachers in the schools. I am excited for their future teaching careers.