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CCU Faculty and Staff Shift to Academic Continuity Plan, Bringing Creativity and Concern for Students to the Task

CeTEAL staff

laptop with cellphone document camera

The spring semester was a tough one, no doubt, but CCU faculty and staff were up to the challenge. Faculty moved classes online and engaged new tools and technologies to connect with students, present course content, and assess student learning. Staff and faculty set up workspaces from home or worked in lonely campus offices to keep the University moving forward. Many were inspired to develop new ways of doing things to make it all work. Jenn Shinaberger shared the creative idea captured in the featured photo for building a document camera for recording and sharing written notes, math problems, diagrams, etc.

In the articles on the following pages, faculty and staff share their experiences of moving classes online and working in the “new normal” of the coronavirus pandemic. As you read, we hope you will be inspired by the creative solutions and the concern for students expressed by our CCU family.