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Programs and Institutes 

CeTEAL offers programs and institutes for faculty, upon completion of which, a certificate of achievement will be awarded during a year-end ceremony. Digital Badges are also offered for the Instructional Coach and Writing Circle. 


CeTEAL Special/Shared Interest Group (SIG) Program
CeTEAL is piloting several special/shared interest groups (SIGs) for the 2017-2018 academic year. The SIGS will bring interested faculty and staff together around common topics of interest. To learn more about CeTEAL's SIGs download CeTEAL Special Interest Groups (SIGS) »

Instructional Coaches
CeTEAL encourages faculty from across campus to become peer Instructional Coaches. Instructional Coaches are a key tool to providing faculty with feedback on their teaching. This program guides the Instructional Coaches through a developed process and protocols from the initial meeting with the faculty through the post-evaluation. To learn more about our Instructional Coach Program, download the Instructional Coaching Program Flyer »

Instructional Technology Certificate
CeTEAL's instructional technology certificate program is designed to help faculty integrate technology into their classes. Technology can be an effective way to engage students, develop content and activities, and assess student learning. To learn more about this program, download the Instructional Technology Certificate Flyer »

Writing Circles
The writing circles we offer are more than just a time to get together and write. Each circle has incorporated a process to complete a written document or presentation. Learn more about the writing circles by downloading our brochure Writing Circle »


Assessment Institute
To effectively improve our programs and classes, we first need to know how to assess our students, then our classes and programs. This program takes faculty through a series of assessment fundamentals and toolbox sessions. Learn more by downloading the Assessment Institute Flyer »

Teaching Effectiveness Institute
The Teaching Effectiveness Institute (TEI) is designed to help faculty develop evidence-based skills of effective teaching. Learn more by downloading the Teaching Effectiveness Institute Flyer »

Blended/Hybrid Course Design Institute
The Blended/Hybrid Course Design Institute is designed to give faculty the experience of participating in a blended/hybrid course while learning about and creating their own blended/hybrid course. This experience is provided through the blended/hybrid workshop. Learn more by downloading the Blended/Hybrid Course Design Institute Flyer »