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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CINO Card?

Answer : It is the official ID at Coastal Carolina University. Every student and staff/faculty member is issued a CINO card. The first CINO Card issued and first two replacements are free. After that, there is a $20 replacement card fee for lost, stolen and/or damaged cards. Only one CINO Card, per participant, may be valid at any time.

What does CINO stand for?

Answer : Coastal Is Number One!

Why do I need a CINO Card?

Answer : The CINO Card is more than a college ID. The card is required to check out books, to use the PE Center, to obtain tickets for games and performances, and for class attendance. The CINO Card has some other optional features like meal plans and CINO Cash.

What is CINO Cash?

Answer : CINO Cash is pre-deposited funds accessed by your CINO Card. If you chose this feature, an on-campus account will be established.

How do I enroll in a CINO Cash Account?

Answer : If you are making your first deposit just call the CINO Card office and we will activate your account for deposit. If you account has not be activated you will receive a 'No SV&C Plan' message.

How do I add cash to my CINO Card?

Answer : Students, faculty/staff, parents or relatives can make deposits to a CINO Cash account at the CINO Card Office during normal business hours 8 am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Funds can be deposited online at www.coastal.edu/cinocard Also, from the CINO Card website you can invite someone to make a deposit to an account. All you have to do is log into the website, click the "invite a deposit" link, and enter the email address of the person whom you would like to make the deposit.

How do I withdraw cash from my CINO Card?

Answer : You don’t. A CINO Cash account is not affiliated with any bank therefore you can not use it at an ATM for cash withdrawals. The account is strictly an on-campus account to use when purchasing food, products, and services.

What are the deposit amount requirements?

* To open an account, there is no minimum deposit.
* No minimum deposit at the CINO Card Office.
* Deposits of $1 or more will be accepted online.
The maximum amount that may be carried on the card is $2,000.

When can I start spending my CINO cash?

Immediately after the deposit is made.

What can I spend my CINO cash on?

CINO Cash may be used for on-campus and off-campus purchases at dining locations and many non-food locations for products and services. How you use your CINO Cash is really up to you. Some will use it for emergencies such as to purchase supplies needed for a project while others will depend on the CINO Cash feature to make their tuition payment. The only items you cannot use CINO Cash on are alcohol or tobacco purchases. Anyone who violates this guideline will lose CINO Cash privileges.

How do I add extra dining dollars to my account?

Students, faculty/staff, parents or relatives can make deposits of $1 or more to a x-tra Dining Dollars account at the CINO Card Office during normal business hours 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. These deposits can also be made over the phone with a credit card. Funds can be deposited online at www.coastal.edu/cinocard. If you are making your first deposit on line you need to contact the CINO Card office to have them activate you account.

Will I have a separate card for my meal plan?

No. Your meal plan will be linked the CINO Card. You can also link CINO Cash to the same card. The CINO Card is an all-in-one card which can store multiple accounts.

Does my CINO Cash Account expire?

The CINO Cash accounts remain active and usable on campus while a student is actively enrolled or a faculty/staff member is employed. Funds are available for use until the participant requests to close the account or the account is closed due to a student being expelled or a staff/faculty member being terminated. An account will be suspended when a student is suspended from school.

How do I close my CINO Cash Account?

Complete a CINO Cash Account Closure Form. The form is available online and at the CINO Card Office. Any remaining funds in the account will be processed. A refund check will be mailed within seven business days to the address on file with the University.

How do I check my CINO Cash balance?

At any time, a participant may check their balance and view activity by logging into their account online at www.coastal.edu/cinocard. In addition, the remaining balance in the participant’s CINO Cash account is displayed at the point-of-sale terminal each time the account is accessed. Occasionally the account balance is not available at a card reader. During these times, the CINO Card Office (during business hours) can provide a balance. The participant can at any time request a statement detailing their Account activity through the CINO Card Office.

What do I do if I lose my CINO Cash Card?

Report a lost or stolen CINO Card immediately by logging into www.coastal.edu/cinocard or by stopping at the CINO Card Office. Failure to report your card lost may result in unauthorized purchases. CCU is not responsible for any loss due to misuse or fraud of an unreported lost card. Upon CCU being notified of a lost card, the on-campus account will then be suspended. There is a $20 replacement card fee.

What if someone wants to borrow my CINO Card?

Rights and privileges associated with the card are non-transferable. Do not lend your card to a friend or give them any numbers associated with your card. You are held accountable for all financial and business transactions conducted with your card.

How do I take care of my CINO Card?

Follow the following steps to keep your card in good working order:
* Do keep your card in a secure place.
* Do not let the magnetic strip of your card rub against other magnetic strips. It might cause damage to both strips.
* Do not lay your card on computers, VCR's or televisions. This may demagnetize the magnetic strip on the card and the card will need to be replaced.
* Do not bend or punch holes in your card.
* Keep your card in a holder that will protect it. They can be purchased in the Bookstore. It even acts as a key ring so you'll always have it on hand!

What if there is an error with my CINO Cash Account?

If a participant believes there is a discrepancy with the participant’s on-campus funds, notify the CINO Card Office as soon as possible via the internet at www.coastal.edu/cinocard or in person at the CINO Card Office, 104 Independence Drive, P.O. Box 261954 Conway, South Carolina 29528-6054. Describe the transaction in question and explain as clearly as possible the discrepancy (include date, location and the dollar amount of the transaction). The CINO Card Office will attempt to notify the participant with the results of the account discrepancy review within ten (10) business days. The participant will receive a written explanation within five (5) business days after completion of the account discrepancy review. The participant may ask for documentation used in the review process.

Change of Terms

Participant’s use of their CINO Cash Card provides consent to all terms and conditions. Coastal Carolina University may change any or all terms and conditions without sending a written notice to the participant. Changes will be posted at the following website www.coastal.edu/cinocard at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the change. Participant’s use of their CINO Cash Card on or after the effective date of the change provides consent to all amended terms and conditions.